Unusual Papad Dishes You've Got To Try

Papad needs no introduction. These are crispy Indian flatbreads that can give life to a boring meal. Made up of certain lentils and spices, papad accompanies a hearty meal. We may not know but this side dish dates back to 500 B.C. It has found its mention in Jain literature which signifies that it is there for the last several years.

You must have had a variety of papads along your meal but have you tried eating it as a whole dish? Probably not! Don’t worry, we have some unusual and tasty dishes that are made from papad. Believe me, once you go through the article, you will know that papads are much more than just being labelled as a side dish. Have a look!

Papad Parantha

Indians can transform anything into a parantha. We have known so many parantha varieties but have you heard of papad parantha? We can totally say that innovation has gone a notch higher with papad stuffed parantha. Moreover, it is so easy to make. You just need to fry or roast papad, crush it, add spices or veggies of your choice and stuff it into a parantha like you usually do. You’ve got to try this!!

                                        Image credits: Patrika

Papad Sabji

Papad in a sabji? Sounds weird but tastes delicious. This sabji can be your go-to meal when you are in hurry and want to have something quick yet delicious. This dish also has curd which makes it even more scrumptious. One first has to prepare a dahi gravy (which gets ready in like five minutes) and then add papad slices. To ensure that papad doesn’t turn soggy, it is important to add papad in the gravy just before eating and not long ago. Try it the next time!!

Papad Raita

Papad raita is something that you should definitely try. It has whisked curd, spices, herbs, and papad. Here also, it is essential to add papad in the curd just before eating it if you want to keep papad’s crunch intact. What are you waiting for? Try this right away!

                                     Image credits: Cookpad.com

Papad Chaat

Papad chaat is so easy to make that you can’t even imagine. It is just your regular chaat but with a punch of papad’s crunchiness. This chaat will be a perfect snack to be served at kitty parties and small get-togethers.

Papad Potato Rolls

Once you eat these papad rolls, you will forget every other roll that you used to have. It might take you some time but these rolls are totally worth it. To start with, one has to cut the papad into equal squares and add a little water to it. Now you have to add a potato filling inside those pieces and roll them together with the help of water. When done, fry them in hot oil and have the tastiest rolls ever.

                                     Image credits: Khana Manpasand

So, what do you think??  Isn’t papad a great invention? Let us know if you know about any other papad dish that needs attention.