Unlike Joey, Mira Kapoor Does Share Food: Look What She Sent Her BFF
Image Credit: Mira Kapoor/Instagram, Lovely cake from Mira to her Bff.

With 3.7 million followers on Instagram, Mira Kapoor is no less than a celebrity herself. Married to actor Shahid Kapoor, Mira has managed to acquire a lot of fan fare with her great influencer skills. From the little moments of life with her family to her skin care regime and diet, she shares everything with her followers to keep them up to date. Mira Kapoor has been quite active on social media, especially about her love for food. She is a self-confessed foodie who enjoys food like no other. Interestingly, the mom-influencer has shared her immense love for two drinks quite often. Tea and coffee are her favourite pals. Whether she’s at home, on the go or on vacation, it’s either coffee or tea that she’s holding in her hand. 

The foodie that Mira is, she shares her love for coffee with her husband, Shahid. However, we thought that the die-hard foodie wouldn’t like to share her food with anyone. Seems like the opposite is true. Mira Kapoor’s friend recently shared a picture of a box of food sent to her by Mira on her Instagram handle. The box contained a delicious cake, with lots of cream. We’re assuming it’s vanilla cake because it is white and has colourful sprinklers on top. The cake looks really tempting. Her friend captioned the picture saying, “When your beff shares her cake with you” and lots of heart emojis with it. Mira Kapoor reposted the same on her Instagram stories with, “Always”. 

Wondering what we are talking about? Here, take a look. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram Stories/Mira Kapoor

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