Understanding Guntur Chillies; The Fiery Peppers From Andhra
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Guntur chillies are abundantly cultivated in Andhra Pradesh and distributed in the rest of the world. In the native language, people like to call it Guntur Sannam. The most authentic variety of Guntur chillies has a very thick outer coat and bright red colour. The aroma of these chillies is so pungent that one can easily recognise these chillies from a distance. 

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Some of the most famous Andhra dishes that are made by using these chillies include Mamsam Pulusu, Guntur Kodi Vepudu, and Natu Kodi Kura. The most evident feature of these red chillies is the fact that they give a very different taste when used with different types of ingredients. The high amount of capsaicin is responsible for the deep and bright red colour of these red chillies. These chillies are also used to make different types of achaars and chutneys in Andhra and the nearby areas.

Culinary Uses Of Guntur Chilli 

One of the most common ways of using Guntur chillies is to either sun-dry or convert them into a powder before adding it to food. Very often, the dishes get a crimson-red colour after these red chillies are added to the food, which makes the dish look even more appetising. A popular dish called Guntur chicken fry is made by using a generous amount of Guntur chillies. Gongoora Mansam is a lamb curry that is made in the southern part of India and infused with a lot of spices. One of these spices is the special Guntur chilli. Chepa Pulusu is a special tamarind curry that is extremely spicy. Most of the flavours of these dishes rely on the liberal use of Guntur chillies and some fenugreek seeds.

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Pandu Mirapakaya pachadi is a vibrant pachadi from Andhra Pradesh that is made by using a lot of Guntur red chillies and some other spices like cumin seeds, turmeric, and curry leaves. This spicy and hot pachadi is combined with different types of dishes like idlis and dosas. People also like to make achaar with whole Guntur chillies. Generally, the shelf life of these pickles and chutneys is quite long. So people like to store them in airtight containers and enjoy them throughout the year.

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Cultivation Of Guntur Chillies

The market for Guntur chillies is quite large, and these are exported to different parts of the world other than being consumed by different states in India. Some of the biggest importers of Guntur chillies from India include European countries, Canada, Sri Lanka, the US, and the UK. The biggest and primary trading market for these exotic chillies is the Guntur Mirchi Yard. This is also the largest dried red chilli market in Asia. There are different types of Guntur chilli that one can find in this market. This includes Guntur Sannam, which is considered the most famous and sought-after variety of Guntur chilli. It is in high demand in India as well as the rest of the world. Other famous varieties include 334 chilli, Teja chilli, 273 chilli, Indo-5, Roshni, Ankur and many others.

The majority of Guntur chile cultivation takes place in Andhra Pradesh. Districts like Guntur, Prakasam, Warangal and Khammam are the largest cultivators of these famous red chillies in Andhra Pradesh. The most important harvesting season for these red chillies starts in December and then goes on till May. These chillies require humid, warm and dry weather to be cultivated properly. During the initial stage of growth, the chillies require extremely warm and humid weather. However, during the time of chilli maturity, dry weather is considered more suitable. The ideal temperature to grow. These chillies should ideally remain between 20°C to 25°C.

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Health Benefits Of Guntur Chillies

Guntur chillies are considered a powerhouse of vitamin C and beta-carotene. As Guntur chillies have a high amount of capsaicin, they also exhibit a variety of health benefits. As per a study published in the journal Molecules in 2022, capsaicin has a high amount of antioxidants that can help strengthen the immune system of the body and also boost metabolic activity. The chillies high in capsaicin are also very beneficial in treating chronic pain-related problems and also have anti-cancer effects on the body. In some cases, capsaicin may also help in treating arthritis-related problems.

People in the southern part of India also consider these red chillies to be a great source of haemoglobin. It is also believed that these chillies promote better blood circulation in the body and enhance the performance of the brain. Due to the high amount of vitamin C, these red chillies are also very beneficial in enhancing the quality of skin and hair.