UK’s Wagamama Restaurant To Debut In India With Mumbai Launch

In a partnership with the company Travel Food Services, the Pan-Asian restaurant chain – Wagamama – from the UK, will open its 19th global chain at the International Airport Terminal in Mumbai. Offering up delicacies inspired by Japanese ramen bars and Asian food, the resrtaurant is known worldwide for popular menu items such as the Firecracker and Chicken Katsu Curry, Grilled Chicken Ramen, and about 50% of the menu dedicated to plant-based options.

First opened in 1992 by Alan Yau at London’s Bloomsbury district, Wagamama aimed to bring fresh, nourishing flavours to customers seated on their iconic wooden benches. Due to its ability to cater to a range of dietary preferences and host of vegetarian options, the brand seemed like a perfect fit in India – where the sensibilities seem to match the core customer base of a largely youthful population. Formerly known as China Diner, the brand has locations in countries such as Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Qatar, Spain and Sweden.

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The collaboration hopes to establish ground in Mumbai before planning expansions to other cities across India. The distinct identity of the restaurant, fuelled by its sparse but recognisable décor became synonymous with the Japanese-inspired Asian menu that took diners by storm. Other crowd favourites over the years also include their Pad Thai noodles, Peking Duck Wraps and their seitan-based ‘Vegatsu’ Curry. It remains to be seen if the casual dining style of Wagamama is going to take the city-slickers by surprise!