UK PM Rishi Sunak & His Wife Reveal Love For Spanish Food & More
Image Credit: Instagram: @rishisunakmp

The UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Britain’s First Lady Akshata Murty shared a heartfelt post on Instagram revealing some of their common interests. In today’s times, it’s really hard to find a power couple who uplift each other like Rishi Sunak and Akshata Murty. In the recent Instagram post mutually shared by Rishi Sunak and Akshata Mutry that went viral in just a span of a few hours, you can feel the emotions in the candid picture and the long caption. Be it food or values, ahead of the elections; the couple jotted down a list that keeps them connected like any other couple. 

The caption goes like this, “People always ask us - “What is the thing you have most in common?” It’s not just our shared love of watching Friends reruns and eating Spanish food.” While everyone is aware of the love of food shared by the UK PM and his wife, he started the post on a lighter note, stating their bond is more than that.

In a lot of interviews, you must have read about how Rishi Sunak’s eating habits, like being disciplined with intermittent fasting once a week, choosing Mexican Coke that has cane sugar instead of processed sugar, and, well, his shared love of Spanish food with Akshata Murty. But apart from food and the famous sitcom FRIENDS, here’s what Rishi Sunak wrote about what keeps the couple connected.

The UK PM writes, “It’s the values that we share. We share the belief that hard work should decide where you go in life. We share the belief that it takes bold action to make a difference. We share the belief that our children will inherit a better world than the one we share today. It was great to be together speaking to people in Harrow about the values that matter to them, and the future they want for their children.”