UK Man Feels ‘Physically Sick’ After He Finds Chicken Foot In Takeaway
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

Takeaway services have really boomed in the post-pandemic world. Many people who prefer staying in and away from dining-out consider home delivery and takeaway a blessing, as they like to relish the food in a relaxed environment at home. Takeaway services are also useful for those with family members who could not visit an eatery. But what if a food order leaves you feeling sick? Well, that’s what happened when a man in Wales, the UK, was left “physically sick” after finding a “foot” in his box of shredded salt and pepper chicken. Yes, you read that right. 

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, ordered from East Eat, a takeaway in the Colwyn Bay area for shredded salt and pepper chicken. He says just after he took the first bite of the meal, it made him feel nauseous and changed his idea of enjoying mouth-watering chicken dishes. He says he is unlikely to order again from the takeaway. 

The man tried contacting the takeaway but said that they hung up on him when he complained, reported the North Wales Live. An image of the food shows the chicken foot encrusted in a crunchy batter straight out of the fryer.

 "I honestly didn't even process it at first, I pulled out the first piece of chicken and took a bite. Following this, I looked into the meal and noticed the oddly shaped piece, which made me put out what I had in my mouth in disbelief,” the man was quoted saying. 

The man said he found out about which part he was eating after googling chicken body parts. When he found out, he couldn't continue eating the meal. “I physically felt sick,” he added.  

The man said he took some time to process this and took photos to send them over to the takeaway, “but they were having none of it”. He said that instead of taking note of his complaint, the takeaway employees laughed at him and hung up on him. 

"This has put me off chicken as a whole, knowing that I could have eaten that if I hadn't noticed it. Chicken is no longer top of my choices of food, I would rather go without if I'm being honest and will always opt for something else if the choices are there for me," he added.