UK Food Influencer Makes Authentic Veg Meal From Jharkhand

In Indian cooking, it's important to use the right methods, mix spices in a way that works well, and add love and warmth to the food. Experts know all the little details of everyday Indian food, but many people who want to master the art of perfect flavours still have a long way to go. Surprisingly, UK-based Instagram Influencer Jake Dryan has taken the social media scene by storm with his culinary prowess, particularly in presenting Indian vegetarian dishes with remarkable finesse. Through his Instagram account, "plantfuture," he expertly portrays the varied flavours of India, surpassing even the skills of native cooks. Continuing to captivate his audience with his culinary adventures, Dryan is on a mission to cook dishes from every Indian state. 

Jake's Instagram is filled with chapters showcasing the vegetarian regional specialities from all over India. In his most recent week in Jharkhand, Jake made some mouth-watering Dhuska, Dal Pitha, and Chilka Roti, the Jharkhand specialities. What are some of these regional specialities?   


Dhuska, or Dhooska, is a deep-fried snack that is enjoyed by many in the Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand. This is a delicious dish that is popular in Jharkhand. In this savoury fried bread delicacy, powdered rice and powdered chana dal are the major components. After that, it's deep-fried. You can eat it with chutney or sauce of your choice. People typically find dhooska at street vendors selling it as a snack in the market; it's not often seen at fancier restaurants. 

Dal Pitha 

A popular Bihari morning or evening snack, Dal Pitha (sometimes spelt Pithi) is often enjoyed with a cup of chai.Pitha, also known as rice dumplings, are cooked with whole wheat flour or fresh rice and are served with lentils, which are legumes in Hindi. Traditionally, the steamed dumplings are formed like Gujiyas. Usually Dal Pitha is accompanied by chokha, a dish of mashed potatoes sautéed with onions, green chilies, and pickle masala. Alternatively, it can be served with hari dhaniye (coriander) chutney or a tangy tomato chutney.The states of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Chhattisgarh are known for their delicious dumplings. The delectable treat can be enjoyed in either a sweet or savoury flavour. What makes this dish special is the lentil stuffing. Anybody who appreciates fine cuisine will love the surprise of biting into a dumpling that may be either of those things. The rice flour dumplings are filled with spicy masala lentils and are typically eaten for breakfast. A sweeter version, with a dal filling and an extra blend of coconut and jaggery to impart a delightfully sweet flavour to the dumplings, is also popular in some regions of Jharkhand and Northern Bengal. The spicy variety is still very popular in the state. 

Chhilka Roti 

The traditional bread of Jharkhand, known as Chhilka Roti, is made using rice flour and chana dal. Soaking the rice and chana dal overnight is an example of the careful preparation process represented by this regional speciality. In the morning, the mixture is made by grinding the soaked components and adding salt. After that, the batter is delicately spread out onto a hot, greased tawa. The roti is turned over after one side becomes a beautiful light brown to make sure it roasts evenly. Chhilka Roti, when accompanied with chutney and veggies, provides a complete meal that highlights the region's culinary history and its rich flavours.