Two Indian Pizzerias Rank Among Top 50 in Asia Pacific 2024

Two Indian pizzerias have achieved remarkable success by securing spots on the prestigious list of the 50 best pizzerias in the Asia Pacific for 2024. Published by Italy-based media organization Top 50 Pizza, Gurugram's Da Susy, led by Chef Susanna di Cosimo, earned the 13th position, while Leo's Pizzeria in New Delhi, owned by Amol Kumar, claimed the 44th spot. 

This notable achievement marks the second consecutive year that both establishments have been recognized on the list. The top three positions were awarded to Pizza Bar (Japan), Crosta Pizzeria (Philippines), and Ristopizza (Japan), respectively. 

Pizza has undoubtedly become a beloved culinary delight across India, with eateries popping up in bustling streets and vibrant mall corners. The competition to serve the most exquisite pies with premium toppings has intensified, reflecting the nation's growing pizza culture. 

The international acknowledgment of India's pizza excellence comes as no surprise. Top 50 Pizza, renowned for its comprehensive ranking of the world's best pizzerias, unveiled its highly anticipated list of the top 50 pizzerias in the Asia Pacific region for 2024. 

In response to their remarkable achievement, Da Susy and Leo's Pizzeria expressed their gratitude and excitement. Da Susy took to Instagram, stating, "On the joyous occasion of Women’s Day, we are honoured to announce that Pizzeria Da Susy has been crowned #13 in all of Asia Pacific and proudly holds the title of #1 in India by @50toppizza! Grateful to you all for making us your destination for authentic Italian pizzas. We promise to keep serving you better every day." Likewise, Amol Kumar from Leo's Pizza expressed his gratitude, saying, "Completely overwhelmed to have been featured on 50 Top Pizza Asia Pacific for the second time. In the pizza world, it’s the highest honour and keeps us going. We plan to keep improving so we can climb up the ladder next year. For now, we are extremely happy and super excited!"  

India's presence on the "50 Best Pizzerias in Asia Pacific" list showcases the nation's ability to leave a flavourful mark on the international culinary stage. The recognition of Da Susy and Leo's Pizzeria not only speaks to their culinary excellence but also signifies India's evolving role in the global gastronomic narrative. As these establishments continue to innovate and delight palates, their consistent presence on this esteemed list serves as a source of pride for the Indian culinary community. The celebration of Indian pizzerias on the international stage reaffirms that India's gastronomic influence extends far beyond its borders.