Two Chefs Pair Up To Make The World's Largest Chicken Nugget
Image Credit: Pixabay.

World records that are about food keep getting crazier by the day. Whether it is eating three of the spiciest chillies in the world or bungee jumping to dunk your donut in a mug of coffee, world records related to food have gone viral on social media, often irking mixed responses from foodies. While some people think that the food records are a bit too much, others get entertained seeing them. The latest Guinness World Record related to food has been about the world’s largest ever chicken nugget to be made - yet. 

In a recent video posted by the Guinness World Records, two culinary artists, one of them also a former MasterChef finalist named Nick Di Giovanni and the other named Lynn Davis — teamed up to cook and shoot a video that showed their efforts to make the world’s largest chicken nugget. These two are also famous on Tiktok for their food content and their videos garner thousands of likes and comments. In the video, Nick and Lynn walked viewers through the entire process of making the record-setting 46-pound, 3.34-ounce of chicken nugget. 

The nugget made by the duo has been labelled as being approximately 115 times larger than the average chicken nugget. This means that it was almost the size of a 115 chicken nuggets kept side by side in the form of a nugget. The grounded chicken meat and egg used as ingredients to make this gigantic chicken nugget was 40 pounds and 40 eggs. Apart from this, additional eight eggs were used for the breading. Nick described the batter to have used close to 60 whole chickens — as well as 40 slices of white bread, a half gallon of whole milk, three-quarters of a cup of onion powder, three-quarters of a cup of garlic powder, one cup of salt, and a half cup of black pepper. The final chicken nugget that was baked weigh around 20.96 kgs. 

Credit: Instagram/guinessworldrecords

As seen from the video, the trickiest part of this attempt was cooking such a large nugget as that requires a lot of time to be made, in a professional facility equipped with the appropriate cooking instruments. Reportedly, according to Nick, test runs in a home oven took as long as 12 hours. Did you know that the chefs had to drag the gigantic chicken nugget to a commercial facility where it could be cooked through more quickly? After that, the nugget was weighed and certified as ‘world's largest,’ in the Guinness Book of World Records.

To the relief of many social media users who were worried about the gigantic nugget going to waste, Guinness World Records commented on their post saying "the nugget was cut up and distributed to friends, family, and the filming crew for consumption." The rule as per the folks at Guinness Book of World Records is that no food that’s made in an attempt to break world records should go to waste. It’s usually used to feed the homeless people, as happened in the case, when the worlds largest burger was made. Meanwhile, this isn't the first time that Nick and Lynn have teamed up to make a world record. Back in January, Guinness World Records released a video of the two chefs setting a record for making the world’s largest cake pop. Foodies can’t wait to see which record next the duo are planning to break.