Twinkle Khanna Celebrates Her Birthday With Goan Flavours

Twinkle Khanna had the finest birthday possible. With Akshay Kumar and their pals, the actress shared pictures from her enjoyable birthday party on Instagram. Twinkle hosted an outside picnic with The Goan Kitchen to celebrate her birthday, complete with excellent food and plenty of mocktails. Instagram photos posted by Twinkle Khanna serve as evidence of how much fun she had on her birthday. She is seen with her husband Akshay in the first image having fun at the picnic. Sharing pictures, Twinkle wrote, "The perfect birthday with all the people I love the most ❤️Thank you for your lovely wishes and here is wishing you all a wonderful new year ahead!#thefeastinthefields."

True to its ambience, The Goan Kitchen provides amazing food. They recently welcomed Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and his wife Twinkle Khanna for her birthday celebration, and wrote on Instagram, “ We couldn't have asked for a better end to 2022! The Goan Kitchen team was thrilled to have the opportunity to be a part of Bollywood A-listers', Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna's celebration. We came together with @fazendacazulo and @urbanaut_ for a special Feast in the Fields - where a bespoke Goan meal made by our team of local women, and finely crafted cocktails by Fazenda Cazulo were enjoyed in a stunning location, under the shade of coconut palms.” The Goan Kitchen organized a picnic outdoors with plenty of mocktails and delectable food. On December 29, 2022, the diva entered a new age. 

While many travel magazines describe Goa as cosmopolitan, it's still a cluster of villages with secrets that can only be told by word of mouth. Almost every village has a single elderly Goan aunt who produces fruit wines throughout the Holiday season that are fermented from plums, honey, mangoes, pineapples, bimlis, and jamuns. 

There is a passion for the cuisine of the Goan people, for their ingredients, and for their age-old cooking methods, which are reflected in the taste of their food. Goan food is unique and mouthwatering because of the dry-roasted spice grinding on the rogdo, cooking in the kundlem/cudnem, a traditional clay pot, and shredding coconuts on the adavo, among many other techniques. 

By faithfully recreating the flavours and cooking techniques of Goan cuisine, The Goan Kitchen has been doing things correctly. The Goan Kitchen, which is based in Loutolim, is maintained by two locals, Oliver Fernandes and Crescy Baptista, who uphold recipes that have been passed down through the years. An army of villagers' women staff the kitchen, performing routine tasks like peeling, chopping, grinding, sautéing, frying, and packing like rhythm. In an effort to provide authentic Goan cuisine to India and the rest of the globe, The Goan Kitchen combines traditional recipes, consistency, method, attention to detail, quality, and commercialization. 

It could be difficult to pick a favourite from the various options available at The Goan Kitchen. There are endless aisles of pickles, masalas, and marinades. You can choose from a mouthwatering selection of pickles, including those made from carrot to brinjal, chicken to karela, bombil to tendli, prawn balchao, mackeral para, pork molho, and more. The masalas and condiments are well-liked by Goans who reside throughout the country and overseas.

 Additionally, If you're lucky, you may also come across Choris sausages that are distinct from ones you might buy on a grocery store shelf. But that's not all. The daily menu of the Goan Kitchen outlet consists of a variety of appetizers/snacks, entrees, and desserts, with a daily variation of 20–24 items overall. Eat appetisers like prawn rissois, egg chops, fish cutlets, and vegetable pasteis one day, and fish croquettes, chutney sandwiches, pan rolls, fish cones, forminhas, and empadinhas the next. Then there are the major dishes: pepper chicken, feijo curry, recheado lady fingers, goan pulao, and ukde rice. 

They have an endless menu of desserts, including Cajuzinhos, Dry Fruit Custard, Chocolate Salami, Serra Dura, Bebinca, and Rum Balls. On Saturdays, you can find Dedos de Dama, a delicious Portuguese delicacy that was previously frequently served at Catholic weddings but is now hard to come by. Another name for Dedos de Dama is Maiden's Fingers. Coconut and cashew nuts that have been roasted and mashed into fingers are then covered in caramel. It has a marzipan-like flavour and is sticky and crunchy.