Try These 7 Casserole Dishes This Winter
Image Credit: unsplash

The winter season and warm casseroles share a very intertwined relationship. Winter is a month of enjoying something that comforts our souls and provides us warmth at the same time. And casserole dishes might be your saviour in winter dinner due to their easy preparation and utensil usage. 

The cooking technique of casseroles goes back to the ages when ovens were he primary cooking method in homes. Casserole meals are hearty and perfect for family dinners as all the members dig into the same utensil and share meals, increasing the bond between each other. 

Winters are almost here and so is your chance to make these hearty casserole dishes. From chicken tuna casserole to classic lasagna, make these 7 casseroles to enjoy your family dinner. 

1. Hearty chicken spaghetti casserole

Chicken Spaghetti Casserole is a hearty comfort meal containing chicken, tender pasta, and cheese flavours. Its flavour is enhanced by a creamy sauce mixed with some herbs and spices for a real explosion of flavours. It is baked to a golden crisp, providing an appealing texture for the pallet. When it comes to having a nutritious and delicious dish, many of us would surely opt for a chicken spaghetti casserole that exudes heart while bringing pleasure to every nosh taken. You can use types of chicken according to your convenience like fresh boiled and pulled rotisserie chicken or even canned.

2. Cheese tuna casserole

The cheesy tuna casserole is a good meal made out of two yummy ingredients—cheese and tuna. Pasta combined with creamy cheese sauce, canned tuna and usually breadcrumb crust is this classic comfort food. You can choose to add veggies of your choice like peas, mushrooms etc.  Every bite is drenched in the cheese’s cheesiness, making it a tummy-filling snack. Cheese tuna casserole could be served either for a quick dinner on a weekday or a potluck where family and friends celebrate together, bringing warmth and memories to the house.

Video Credit: Youtube/ Chef Jack Ovens

3. Sweet potato casserole

Sweet potato casserole is delicious as it blends the natural sweetness of sweet potatoes and creamy top layer. Sweet potatoes are mashed together with brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and others to give it a creamy base. The final touch is a topping of crunchy streusel containing pecans or marshmallows for texture and extravagance. It is an ideal holiday side dish because of its unique taste which hits at savoury and sweetness, hence being nostalgia-inducing and delicious.

4. Chicken cordon bleu bake

The chicken Cordon Bleu bake is a nice version of the typical French dish. It involves stuffing a succulent chicken breast with ham and Swiss cheese before covering it with bread crumbs and baking it until golden brown. This is a simple to make casserole that captures the taste of classic Chicken Cordon Bleu but is done as an oven-baked dish. This produces a delightful mixture of tender chicken, tasty ham, and melted cheese which turns into a comforting and satisfying meal for your taste buds.

5. Farmer's Casserole

The farmer’s casserole is a traditional, filling and nourishing food of unpretentious elegance. It is a tasty mixture made from different fresh items such as bits of potatoes, tasty sausages, eggs and cheese. A wholesomely baked casserole that captures the true homemade essence and flavour. It is a flexible meal suitable for additions of diverse vegetables or herbs. Farmer’s casseroles are truly great dishes which you can serve at breakfast, brunch, and cosy dinner.

6. Classic Lasagna

Image Credit: Pixabay
Lasagna, the classic Italian dish, has a timeless appeal with its rich flavours and layers. Savoury meats such as seasoned ground meat, smooth ricotta, and zesty tomato are lavishly sandwiched between stacks of sheets of pasta. The cuisine is cooked well to provide consistency in texture and flavour. Finally, we are left with a wholesome and satisfying dish that stands the test of time as it unites people in tasting the flavours of authentic Italian cuisine.

7. Eggplant Parmesan

The delicious layers of eggplant parmesan are another classic Italian dish for delighting taste buds. Eggplant parmesan dish consists of sliced eggplant that is coated with bread crumbs and deep-fried after which it is placed between thick marinara sauce and a mixture of melting mozzarella and parmesan cheese. The end result is a combination of texture and taste including crunchy baked-to-perfection eggplant, melted cheese and robust tomato sauce. The eggplants’ versatility shines through this veggie delight by making this an appetising and comforting dish that can satisfy even vegetarian lovers of meaty dishes.