Tteokbokki Madness: 6 Crave-Worthy Snack Recipes You Should Try
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As the craze of South Korean foods is taking over India, one dish that has been on everyone’s mind is none other than tteokbokki. Tteokbokki are chewy cylindrical rice cakes made with rice flour. These cylindrical cakes are simmered in a savoury soy sauce glaze and served as a side dish or snack.

Tteokbokki may be difficult to pronounce, but its recipe is extremely easy. All it takes is combining glutinous rice flour with salt, hot water and some oil in a hot pan. As the ingredients are mixed together, a crumbly dough is formed and it is kneaded into a smooth dough and shaped to small cylinders. Once shaped, this tteokbokki can be sauteed with a gochujang soy sauce base and it's done!

There are many ways to eat tteokbokki. From being a main snack dish for anytime cravings to being an addition to your ramen and rice, tteokbokki can be used in multiple ways to enhance your palate. Check out what you can make with tteokbokki.

1) Crispy Tteokbokki

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With an irresistible crispy exterior and chewy core, crispy tteokbokki is the best snack recipe when you're craving something extraordinary. In this recipe, tteokbokki is coated with egg slurry and breadcrumbs then fried or baked to crispy perfection. Once fried, it's seasoned with salt and spices of choice and served with soy sauce dip or mayonnaise.

2) Gochujang Tteokbokki

This classic tteokbokki recipe is made by stir-frying tteokbokki in a gochujang and soy sauce base. The base is made by dissolving gochujang paste in water and adding garlic, chopped shallots, chopped cabbage, dark soy sauce, some sugar, salt and chopped green onion. Once the base comes to a boil, tteokbokki is added and it is simmered until the sauce becomes thick and flavours infuse.

3) Cheesy Tteokbokki

Cheesy tteokbokki is one of the most loved street foods of Korea. In this recipe, shreds of mixed cheese are added on top of gochujang sauce tteokbokki and baked until the cheese melts. Optionally, you can add fried onions or crisp greens to bring a delightful texture.

4) Tteokbokki with Scrambled Eggs

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Eggs and tteokbokki is a heavenly combination where mild flavours meld beautifully with a contrasting texture. In the recipe, classic scrambled eggs are stir-fried with tteokbokki and seasoned with salt and spices. Optionally, you can include gochujang or soy sauce glaze to bring the Korean flavours.

5) Tteokbokki Ramen

Tteokbokki has always been a beloved addition to ramen in South Korea. As the ramen noodles cook in broth, tteokbokki is added and the recipe is simmered until all the ingredients are well cooked. No matter what ramen recipe you choose, adding tteokbokki enhances the texture and makes it indulging.

6) Tteokbokki Rice

Tteokbokki fried rice is a fusion dish combining Korean tteokbokki and Chinese-style fried rice. It features chewy rice cakes simmered in spicy-sweet sauce alongside savoury fried rice, often infused with vegetables, egg, and protein. Melding the sweetness of Korean flavour and spicy savoriness of Chinese food, this recipe is a crowd-pleasing dish you can serve at any party.