Try This Delectable Shrimp Dumplings Recipe By Chef Manoj Sharma
Image Credit: Shrimp Dumplings/RCB Bar and Cafe, Bengaluru.

The tiny, heavenly bites that come wrapped in a soft, pillowy dough are generally steamed, fried, or pan-fried. These dumplings first appeared in Chinese cuisine during the time of the Eastern Han dynasty. It is said that the idea of making these bite-sized snacks was to prevent one from getting a frostbite on the ear. Due to this, the initial shape of the dumplings also resembled the ear.

It is said that a medical practitioner devised a combination of mutton, mixed with spices and herbs, packed inside a soft dough that could be steamed or cooked using other methods. It was then that the dumpling evolved into various shapes and forms like momos, potstickers and more. However, what remains constant is the delectable flavour of the dish.

Chef Manoj Sharma - Executive Chef at RCB Bar and Café, Bengaluru - shares a delicious shrimp and kaffir lime dumpling recipe from his kitchen. Here’s how you can make it at home.

Source: RCB Bar And Cafe, Bengaluru

For the filling:

    80 gm deveined and shelled shrimp 

    1 chopped kaffir lime leaf  

    ¼ tsp galangal 

    ½ tsp oyster sauce  

    10 ml salad oil 

    Salt, to taste 

    White pepper powder, to taste 

    4 pcs shelled edamame 

For the dough: 

    20 gm wheat starch 

    8 gm potato starch  

    20 ml hot water    

    2 ml oil   

    3 drops edible purple colour  


For the dough: 

    Mix the potato and wheat starch properly. 

    Add hot water to the mixture and mix with a wooden spoon. 

    Finish it with oil to make a stiff dough. 

    Knead it properly for 3 mins. 

For the filling: 

    Add chopped prawns, kaffir lime leaves chopped, galangal, oyster sauce, and salad oil. 

    Season it with salt and pepper. 

For rolling:  

    Roll 12 gm dough in a round shape.  

    Place 20 gm filling in it. 

    Fold it properly. 

    Garnish it with edamame and steam for 8 mins. 

    Serve hot in a dim sum basket with black bean dip.