Try These Unique Chaats From Around The Country
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Dahi vada aloo dum chaat | Instagram - @salonisgram

If you think your mohalle-waala chaat corner makes the spiciest chaat, then you need to try the super spicy lal aloo chaat in Darjeeling. The name lal aloo comes from the fact that red chilli is used in such a huge quantity, that the potato appears to be red. It is served with wai wai noodles and topped with potato chips to give this dish a crunch.

Shakarkandi chaat

Now that we have talked about the varieties of chaat that can be made with potatoes, why should sweet potatoes be left behind? A typical UP specialty, shakarkand is roasted over coals to get a rustic flavour. It is then peeled, cut into slices and fried till crispy in oil with spices like amchur. The chaat is served with a generous sprinkle of lemon juice and sliced green chillies.

So, if you have tried all of these chaat varieties, you can pat yourself on the back and proudly claim to be an absolute foodie. And if you have not tried these unique chaat dishes, you know what to do – plan your next vacation to Darjeeling and have the lal aloo chat at Laden La road or roam around in the streets of Kolkata to enjoy a serving of churmur.