The holy month of Sawan is here, the month is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. People who observe the ritualistic fasts are encouraged to fast and consume just fruits or other Sattvik foods. Fasting, according to Ayurveda, helps boost metabolism. Toxins are removed from our bodies by a healthy metabolism. Also, since the summers have hit us already, keeping the body hydrated is very important. Fruits are the major source of hydration. They are rich in water content and are filling enough to take you throughout the day.

You know, you can play around with fruits and vegetables and create your own recipes that will help you with fasting. Fruit and vegetable smoothies are creamy beverages that are prepared by blending fruits and vegetables with milk, yoghurt and some dry fruits. You can add any fruits of your choice and blend them with a dairy or non-dairy product as you desire. 

Here is the list of five types of smoothies you can enjoy this fasting season. 

Basic Banana Smoothie

This banana smoothie is a basic smoothie that is liked by all. Add one chopped banana to a blender. Pour in some yoghurt, and milk and blend it well. Add some ice cubes and enjoy the smoothie.

 Apple Carrot And Beetroot Smoothie

This smoothie will refresh your body and it tastes delightful too. Add some grated carrot, apple and beetroot to a blender. Pour in some yoghurt and milk. Blend it well and enjoy this healthy red smoothie during your fasts.

 Mango And Strawberry Smoothie

It is officially the season of sunny days. Add some refreshment to your fasting palate by having this tropical smoothie. All you need to do is add some diced mangoes and strawberries to a blender. Pour some milk or yoghourt into it. Add some ice cubes and blend it well. Relish the smoothie without worrying about breaking your fast.

 Tangerine Mandarin Smoothie

The name of this smoothie says it all. Enjoy the tangerine smoothie by adding some oranges and blending it well with yoghurt. You can also add chia seeds to the smoothie. This refreshing beverage will keep you hydrated during the fast and its tangy tropical taste is all you need during the heatwave days.

Date Smoothie

Try this healthy smoothie that has high satiety value. Add some bananas, walnuts, chia seeds, almonds and pistachios to the blender. Pour in some yoghurt and homemade almond milk. Blend the ingredients well. Put some ice cubes and pour the smoothie into a tall glass. Enjoy this healthy smoothie and soothe your hunger.