Try These Methi Recipes For Dinner
Image Credit: Methi parathas are healthy and delicious | Freepik

Along with the chilly winters come in various vegetables. The markets are filled with several green vegetables, fruits, colourful spices and hot street food. But the sheer amount of fresh, nutritious vegetables that are readily available in malls, grocery stores and with street-side vendors is the prime reason why this weather is celebrated so much. From peas to methi to amla to carrots – every delicacy that we wait for the entire year can be gorged upon in this joyous season.

When talking about winter specific dishes, how can we not mention our favourite methi? This versatile ingredient can be used to cook so many different dishes, with unique flavours. A sure shot winter favourite, let us look at some easy and delicious dinner recipes that you can cook with methi.

Methi paratha

This winter special delicacy is perfect for a light dinner as it can be made with minimum oil or ghee. It can be made with fresh methi leaves as well as dried kasuri methi. There is no reason for you to not start your winters with this delicious flatbread. Here is the recipe for you.

Methi chicken 

If you want to eat something unconventional, yet close to home that soothes your taste buds, look no further than a rich, creamy and aromatic serving of the perfect methi chicken. The best of both worlds – methi chicken combines both the very distinct ingredients perfectly and brings out a delicious flavour. Try out this easy recipe for your dinner plans.

Methi pulao

If you think that methi can only be made into basic parathas, waith till you try out this amazing pulao dish. The greatest quality of the dish is that it can be customized according to your choice – add whatever vegetables you like and enjoy the healthiest bowl of methi pulao. Check out the recipe.

Aloo methi 

A winter staple, aloo methi reminds us all of the cold winter evenings, wearing sweaters and having roti and with this sabzi for dinner. Just like aloo goes well with everything, methi too has the quality to make everything better when combined with it. So, make this quick aloo-methi with the below recipe.

These dishes with methi will not only make your dinner tasty, it will be a huge facelift to your regular meals. Follow these recipes and try making these delicious methi recipes for healthy and fulfilling dinner meals.