5 Delicious Dinner Methi Recipes To Try
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Nearly all Indian kitchens have fenugreek, also known as methi. It can be used in a variety of ways, whether it's methi dana, the raw, spicy leaves, or the aromatic fenugreek powder. We have embraced this modest ingredient in all its forms since it has a distinctive aroma, enthralling flavour, and various health benefits. Fenugreek can be used to make some of the simplest yet most delicious foods. It comes in various forms, from amber-coloured seeds and dried leaves (kasoori methi) to powdered powder and garden-fresh saag.

India is one of the world's top producers of fenugreek, with Rajasthan being the top producing state. Methi seeds are typically found in hot tadkas or pungent pickles. In most North Indian homes, aloo-methi is the standard dish, and dried methi leaves give many Indian dishes an earthy, musty flavour. Methi is used in Turkish, Afghani, Persian, and Egyptian cuisines in addition to India. Some attribute its flavour and distinctive perfume, while others point to its remarkable health advantages.

Here is a list of dishes you can have for dinner using methi.

1. Methi Matar Malai

Methi Matar Malai (also known as Methi Matar Malai) is a rich North Indian curry made with fenugreek leaves, green peas, and cream. This recipe is smooth, creamy, and rich, and it is a surefire hit with both kids and adults. Make this delicious curry recipe today; you'll love it.

This methi matar malai recipe takes only 30 to 35 minutes to prepare. As a result, it's the ideal comfort food dinner for a hectic weeknight. This mild recipe is suitable for children, especially if you intend to feed them fenugreek. There is absolutely no bitterness because of the cream, onions, and cashews, this delicious curry is on the sweeter side.

Fenugreek leaves and seeds both have numerous health benefits. So make sure to incorporate them into your meals.

2. Methi Malai Paneer

Methi malai paneer is a creamy, mildly sweet gravy with fenugreek leaf hints of bitterness. Serve with roti, paratha, naan, or steamed rice for a filling and tasty meal. The fenugreek leaves add a hint of bitterness without becoming overpowering. The soft paneer cubes give the otherwise smooth gravy a lot of texture. It also goes well with flavoured rice, such as cumin rice, vegetable pulao, or Kashmiri rice.

3. Aloo Methi

Aloo methi is a traditional Punjabi side dish made with tender potatoes and flavorful fenugreek leaves. It's a simple recipe that only requires a few key ingredients and can be made vegetarian or vegan-friendly. Simply use butter or any good oil of your choice. You can use a milder or flavourless oil instead, but pungent mustard oil is better for a truly amazing flavour.

4. Methi Mushroom

This creamy methi curry is made with button mushrooms, fenugreek leaves, curd, herbs, and spices. This mouthwatering curry is ideal for putting on party menus or celebrating special occasions. It tastes fantastic and is a crowd pleaser. It can also be made vegan by substituting a plant-based curd. This dish is very simple to prepare, requiring only patience and time rather than a specific set of cooking skills. Nonetheless, you should be aware that this is not a quick curry.

This mushroom methi curry pairs well with any kind of flatbread to soak it up; Roti, Naan, Paratha, or even Jeera Rice are all excellent and simple accompaniments.

5. Methi Chole

Fenugreek leaves and white chickpeas are used in this spicy and flavorful Punjabi curry. This is a vegan recipe. Methi and spinach are two greens that complement chole well. This is a healthy way to incorporate more greens into your diet. This combination is fantastic because many people enjoy chickpeas but dislike greens. They complement roti, rice, naan, poori, and bhatura.