Try These Indian Beers For A Refreshing Change
Image Credit: Pixabay.

Few things are as pleasurable as cracking open a pint of beer in the summer. The smooth texture and variety of tastes are a treat for the palate. Most people tend to opt for the usual suspects like Heineken and Corona, but there’s a whole world of Indian beers that’s unexplored. We recommend some Indian beers that you can try for a refreshing change:

Simba Light

Simba was one of India’s first local breweries. Simba Light is a low-calorie beer with a golden hue and smooth texture. The taste is slightly bitter and pairs well with most meals. The range is available in Delhi, Goa, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Assam.

Goa Brewing Co. People’s Lager

Goa Brewing Co. is known for its unusual beers. The People’s Lager, which is very popular in Goa, uses the region’s heirloom rice called ‘ukdo’. The resulting brew is a light and refreshing lager. It’s the perfect tribute to Goa. The range is available in Goa, Maharashtra, and Bengaluru.

White Owl Spark

White Owl is an award-winning Mumbai-based brewery that is known for making beer using natural ingredients. The spark is a white beer with a hint of orange. It’s light and slightly bitter, and pairs well with chocolates. The range is available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune and Goa.

Susegado Kokum Gose

The name makes it clear that this is a Goan beer. Susegado, a popular Goan beer company, makes the kokum gose, which is a quirky take on traditional coriander beer from Germany. It is infused with kokum berries and has a distinct sour and salty flavour. 

Kimaya Himalayan BeeYoung

Kimaya Himalayan is known for using quality ingredients. The BeeYoung beer is crisp and clean, with a slight bitterness and a citrusy notes that are ideal for summer. It’s not too strong on the palate, making it a popular choice. The range is available in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Kati Patang Zesty Amber

Kati Patang makes its brews with Himalayan spring water. The zesty amber is a dark ale with hints of caramel and citrus. It’s light and fresh with minimal froth, making it the ideal drink for chugging. The range is available in Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa. 

Buho Blonde

Buho has some unusual takes on regular beer. The brand sources ingredients from France and Belgium. The blonde is Buho’s take on a classic Belgian blonde. It has a bitter flavour with notes of grapefruit. The range is available in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Bira Mango Lassi Ale

Bira is one of India’s most popular beer companies and has some creative creations. The mango lassi ale blends the flavour of mangoes and lassi with classic wheat ale. Despite the concept, the beer isn’t too sweet. The range is available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Pune.