Try These Healthy Salad Dressings For Weight Loss
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Salads are without a doubt one of the best foods for weight loss. In addition to having little calories, they also have a lot of fibre. Undoubtedly, salads contain a variety of nutrient-dense items, such as beans, sprouts, boiled chicken, eggs, and healthful greens. Salads lose some of their health benefits when we add dressings to them, though. Only when the dressing is carefully chosen can a salad be considered a diet dish.

Here are some healthy salad dressings-

Lemon juice and olive oil

Almost all salads go well with this simple dressing. Olive oil and lemon both work well to improve the flavour of the salad without packing on extra calories. Olive oil must, however, be used sparingly.

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A Greek yoghurt is a good option if you want your dressing to be a little bit thick and creamy. Greek yoghurt is packed with nutrients and may be eaten as a salad dressing without concern about its fat content.

Balsamic vinegar

If you include balsamic vinegar in your low-calorie meal plan, you may find that it aids in weight loss. It will undoubtedly improve the salad's flavour. Additionally, it can be used as a marinade for roasted vegetables, tofu, chicken, etc.

Avocado and lime

This avocado lime dressing is creamy, cool, and refreshing, and it tastes great as a tasty dip for raw vegetables. Avocados are a fantastic source of monounsaturated fats, which are heart-healthy and may help raise your HDL (good) cholesterol levels.

Honey mustard

The slightly sweet flavour of this creamy homemade dressing makes it perfect for adding some complexity and completing your favourite savoury salads. Additionally, it functions well as a dipping sauce for fresh vegetables, appetisers, and sweet potato fries.