Every girl will agree that periods are the worst! It is the most upsetting and perplexing thing that can occur to a woman. The very next instant, we might be in excruciating pain and yearning for some hot chicken wings, but we might gag at the notion of eating. Imagine the excruciating pain you experience when you are unable to sit, stand, or sometimes even rest on the bed. Periods make us crave exotic dishes like noodles, chocolate cake and something spicy and comforting. But these dishes only make things worse for us. How often have you experienced cramps that seemed like they were killing you from the inside out but you still wanted to carry on? During this time you need something that soothes your pain and relieves you from the excruciating cramps.

Here are 5 foods that will ease out your period cramps-

Chamomile Tea

Tea made from chamomile flowers has anti-spasmodic qualities that can help with menstrual cramp relief. Additionally, the effects of dopamine and serotonin are modulated by the tea, which helps to at least lessen the severity of depressive symptoms. However, the antispasmodic and soothing qualities of chamomile essential oil help reduce cramps. Chamomile tea is also good for relaxation and hence it eases out the cramps and helps you sleep better.

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Low Fat Yoghurt

In order to make us strong enough to endure the period days, our bodies require a sufficient amount of calcium. Eat some low-fat yoghurt during your period since it helps cool down the stomach and fights stomach issues when you're having them. Low-fat yoghurt is also a wonderful source of calcium. Include some fresh fruit with it to increase the nutritional value. Since the body feels weak during this time, adding some dry fruits to the yoghurt helps reduce the cramps and weakness. 

Bananas, Kiwis and Pineapples

Remember to stock up before the cramps start by using this trio to relieve period pain. These fruits' vitamin B6 content aids in digestion and prevents bloating. Having these fruits on hand can help you avoid the discomfort that comes with severe bloating during your period. These fibrous fruits ensure that the digestive system runs smoothly and that your bowel movements are taken care of.


A lot of water consumption can aid in the body's detoxification and assist avoid bloating. Drinking water helps prevent dehydration since our bodies require large amounts of fluids, particularly during the menstrual cycle. During periods, the oestrogen level drops, causing the body to retain water, which causes excruciating cramps. By consuming at least 10 glasses of water, bloating, indigestion, and gas can be avoided. Also drinking a lot of water makes the blood flow easily by avoiding cramps.

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Dark Chocolate

How can this list be completed without dark chocolate? The ideal comfort food for pain and stress relief during periods is chocolate. The high magnesium content relaxes the muscles and also provides a surge of energy that aids in enduring the discomfort. The endorphins in it can help you with mood swings. Copper in dark chocolate produces endorphins, a molecule that reduces pain. It is a great pain reliever with a dash of deliciousness.