Try These Five Cooking Swaps For Better Health

Who doesn’t want to get healthier? Indeed, a healthy diet is very essential for good health and nutrition. It is always advisable to follow a diet and disciplined routine for a healthy body. From following strict diets to controlling sugar intake, we do a lot to stay healthy and fit but are we missing something? 

Though we are doing it all, we are missing out on some things in our everyday cooking. All foods in their natural form are designed to provide nourishment as well as delightful flavours. However, our normal habits have made us addicted to choosing temporary convenience over long-term health. We tend to choose unnatural flavours while not paying attention to much healthier food items kept on the same shelf in our kitchen. 

Just because the white rice cooks faster, we comprise the husk of rice vital for digestion and nutrients. There is absolutely no point in saving just a few minutes each day and reducing years of healthy life in bargain. Let us not meddle with nature’s intelligence and take most of it! Have a look at these easy cooking swaps for a healthy body. 

  • Using fresh green chilies instead of red chili powder 

Red chili powder is a very basic and essential ingredient used in Indian households. Though used in almost every dish, red chili powder is extremely heat-inducing. It leads to problems like acidity, constipation, inflammation, ulcers, etc. While on the other hand, green chilies have higher water content. Because of being a rich source of beta-carotene and antioxidants along with having zero calories, it is healthier for those trying to shed some pounds. 

  • Using brown rice instead of white rice         

 Nature doesn’t give us white rice but brown rice. When the outer cover (bran) is removed from the rice, it becomes white rice. Plenty of nutrients are left behind in the bran. Brown rice is higher in fiber, magnesium, and other nutrients and is much healthier. 

  • Using dates or jaggery instead of white sugar 

We are all aware of the fact that sugar is a slow poison but still, we can never stop having it, thanks to our sweet tooth. But do you know that we have natural and healthier substitutes for sugar like dates and jaggery? Unlike sugar which leaches out the minerals from our body and leads to deficiency of many nutrients, Jaggery is packed with antioxidants and helps in keeping the diseases at bay while dates are considered lower glycaemic than sugar. The fiber in dates balances out the sugar level in the body preventing drastic sugar spike. 

  • Using almond milk instead of animal milk 

The commercial white milk that we get is hardly even milk. It is more of a white liquid that is heavily adulterated, making it harmful to the body. Instead, people should switch to almond milk. The fat in almond milk is healthier than dairy milk as it is unsaturated and contains vitamin D. Moreover, almond milk is a good substitute of milk for lactose intolerant people.  

It is not like these swaps are necessary to be made but these are options that are healthier and natural. Nevertheless, try to make these cooking swaps and let us know which worked the best for you.