We Fig-ured A Way To Make Your Kids Like Fig
Image Credit: Figs can be introduced to a kid's diet fairly early on

Despite the fact that the meal is healthy, we may become confused with cooking and giving the same dishes to our babies every day. In such instances, moms are eager to try new things, but are concerned whether or not anything is safe for the infant. We’ve got one option that’s healthy and infant friendly. Figs are one of the healthier fruits available, and they are widely consumed by adults who have digestive issues. Figs, by the way, are one of the best health supplements you can offer your infant because they include a variety of critical nutrients and minerals that can aid in proper development. Figs also include an antibacterial component that can contribute towards the development of a child's immune system. They are even beneficial to the baby's digestive system. 

According to studies, kids can start eating figs as early as six months old. However, before offering it to the baby, make sure he or she is familiar with other foods. 

You can decide from a range of recipes depending on the child's age and whether or not he is familiar to solid foods. Otherwise, it's best to offer it to babies as fig syrup in a liquid form. 

Fig Milkshake: This is easy to make, and your child will be asking for more! First, wash and chop one fresh fig into small pieces. Then, simply blend a glass of milk with 1 tablespoon of honey (for infants use sugar) and serve it cold. 

Dried Fig Puree: This fig puree is also suitable for babies who have not yet switched to solid food. To begin, soak two or three figs in warm water. Then, mix this water with the figs into a smooth puree, smoothing out the puree with breast milk or milk if necessary. 

Image credit: Pexels

Mashed Fresh Figs: If the baby has not yet been familiar to chewing and solid food, this method is ideal. This is a simple dish to prepare. Chop the figs into small pieces first. Then, to form a pulp or mash, simply combine or mash them thoroughly. This can also be added to porridge to make it easier for your baby to eat. 

Baked Figs: This dish is suitable if the infant has a taste for solid food and can chew well. It's also simple to make. Preheat the oven to 350°F and brush the figs with olive oil before placing them inside. After that, bake them until the figs' skins are wrinkled and tender. Feed the figs to your toddler mashed up. 

Figs are an excellent source of nutrients for babies, and they can aid in the development of their digestive and immune systems. To avoid crankiness, make sure the recipe you chose is suitable for your kid.