Try These Different Salad Wraps For Dinner
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A wrap is a type of dish that is made by rolling a soft flatbread around a filling. Wheat tortillas, lavash, or pita are the most common flatbreads, with fillings such as cold sliced meat, poultry, or fish, shredded lettuce, chopped tomato or pico de gallo, guacamole, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, grilled onions, cheese, and a sauce like a ranch or honey mustard. Wraps have been consumed throughout Mexico, the Mediterranean, and South Asia since the early 1900s. Burritos are what Mexicans call them, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, generally made of wheat flour or corn, and typically filled with meat, beans, rice, cheese, and other ingredients. The wrap originated in California as a generalisation of the Mexican and Tex-Mex burritos, and gained popularity in the 1990s. These simple meals are so versatile that people from many walks of life have experimented with them and produced their own variations. Wraps are a perfect option when you are lazy and don't want to cook something complicated. They are quick to make and can be prepared with any ingredients you have. The choice of ingredients can make any dish interesting and exotic that you'll enjoy for your dinner with a favourite drink of yours.

Here are some wraps you can have for dinner-

Mediterranian Chicken Wrap

This Mediterranean chicken wrap is amazing and a great family meal option because it's filled with chicken, hummus, a super yummy garlicky yoghurt sauce, and fresh vegetables. It is easy to make and is one of the healthiest recipes one can eat. It has different flavours of hummus, garlic, and yoghurt that are blended well with the chicken and veggies.

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