Try These 7 Cocktails to Keep You Warm This Monsoon
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Monsoon cocktails are crafted to evoke warmth and comfort during the rainy season, offering a blend of flavours and aromas that soothe the senses. These cocktails are designed to be enjoyed in cosy settings, whether indoors with the sound of rain in the background or outdoors under the cool, misty skies.

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Typically, monsoon cocktails feature ingredients that complement the season's ambience. Warm and inviting flavours such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg are often used to infuse drinks with a comforting spice. Citrus fruits such as lemon and orange add a refreshing zest, balancing the richness of spirits like whisky, rum, or brandy.

One of the most popular monsoon cocktails is the Hot Toddy, a timeless favourite known for its ability to warm from the inside out. It combines whisky, honey, lemon juice, and hot water, creating a soothing mix that eases the chill of rainy evenings. Garnished with a cinnamon stick or a twist of lemon peel, it's both visually appealing and aromatic.

For those who choose indulgence, the Spiked Hot Chocolate offers a decadent twist. Made with rich hot chocolate and a splash of liqueur such as Baileys or Kahlua, topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa, it's a luxurious treat perfect for sipping while wrapped in a blanket.

Monsoon cocktails not only provide warmth but also evoke a sense of cosiness and relaxation, making them a favourite choice for rainy day gatherings or quiet moments spent enjoying the sights and sounds of the season.

Hot Toddy

This classic warm cocktail, the Hot Toddy is perfect for rainy evenings. Made with whisky, honey, lemon, and hot water, it's both soothing and invigorating. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a slice of lemon for an extra touch of warmth. It’s perfect for those who are feeling under the weather or have caught a chill.

Mulled Wine

Usually a winter favourite, also associated with Christmas cheer, Mulled Wine is also a favourite for cool, rainy nights. Red wine is heated and infused with spices like cinnamon, cloves, and star anise, along with citrus fruits such as oranges and lime and a touch of honey. It’s best served warm to enjoy the aromatic and rich flavours.

Irish Coffee

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The Irish Coffee was invented on a cold, winter evening to bring warmth and comfort to passengers stranded at an airport. It is perfect for fans of caffeine. Combining coffee and Irish whiskey, Irish Coffee is a comforting drink that can warm one up quickly. The addition of brown sugar and a layer of whipped cream on top makes it both rich and indulgent. 

Spiked Hot Chocolate

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The original version of this drink is known to be a favourite both during the monsoon and the winters. The decadent cocktail version is made with rich hot chocolate and a splash of your favourite liqueur, such as Baileys Irish Cream or Kahlua. Topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder, it's the ultimate treat for a rainy day.

Ginger Hot Toddy

A spicy twist on the traditional Hot Toddy, this version includes fresh ginger slices for an extra kick. The ginger pairs perfectly with whisky, honey, and lemon, creating a warming drink that also has health benefits such as being particularly helpful in soothing sore throats.

Warm Apple Cider with Rum

Warm Apple Cider with Rum is a comforting beverage that combines the sweetness of apple cider with the warmth of dark rum. Add spices like cinnamon and cloves, and serve it hot with a cinnamon stick for stirring.

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Hot Buttered Rum

This rich and creamy cocktail is perfect for a cosy night in. Made with dark rum, butter, brown sugar, and a mix of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, Hot Buttered Rum is both decadent and warming. Serve it in a mug and enjoy the velvety texture and comforting flavours.

Some Tips For Making Perfect Monsoon Cocktails

Use Fresh Ingredients: Fresh spices, citrus fruits, and high-quality spirits enhance the flavours of the cocktails.

Serve Warm: There is a certain charm to warm cocktails in the rains so make sure the cocktails are served at the right temperature. A cold toddy for example can be quite lackluster.

Garnish Creatively: Use garnishes such as cinnamon sticks, citrus slices, and whipped cream to add a touch of elegance and extra flavour to the drinks.

Experiment with Spices: Don’t hesitate to experiment with spices like ginger, nutmeg, and cloves to add a unique twist to the cocktails.