Try These 5 Mocktails By Mixologist Gaurav Parewa
Image Credit: Gaurav Parewa/NOW Restaurant

When it comes to relaxing at the end of a busy week and lifting your mood, more than food it is the drinks that do the trick. Don’t you agree? It’s a given that for any house party or gathering, food becomes something of utmost importance. Bite-sized nibbles that are tasty, quick to make and easy to eat are preferred the most. But, at the same time, you also need some yummy and refreshing drinks on the menu.

While cocktails can be prepared according to the preferences of the guests, you can also try some mocktails that can work wonders at a party. Amid the cheesy and greasy food, something refreshing like a cooler or a mocktail would be a respite for the attendees. Gaurav Parewa, Mixologist at NOW - Not Only Weekends in New Delhi, shares a few quick and easy mocktail concoctions that can be made with a handful of ingredients. From elderflower and kiwi mojito to berry-licious mocktail or something more fruity, here are the recipes that you can try home.  

1.   Yuzu Mint Refresher 


    30 ml yuzu fruit mix  

    15 ml mojito syrup  

    15 ml lime  

    4 lemon chunks  

    8 mint leaves  


Source: NOW Restaurant

    Add some kiwi puree and mix it with elderflower syrup and lime juice.  

    Throw in mint leaves and lemon chunks and top it up with soda.