Try These 4 Refreshing G&T Cocktails

Cocktails are showstoppers of any celebration, be it in a house party or at a bar. The presentation of these classic drinks by the bartenders in a genius and playful way is enough to impress anyone. The skill and ability to shake, stir and experiment is probably the coolest thing in a cocktail party. Also, making the perfect combination of wonderful flavours is also considered a great talent in the world of ‘mixology’.  

Cocktail is an alcoholic mixed beverage that is multi-layered with varieties of flavourful ingredients that give it a sensational taste. The combination of different spirits, along with other ingredients like fruit juice, cream, milk or flavoured syrup give it the special taste that it has. There are infinite types of cocktails based on the number and kinds of ingredients added. Usually, a strong alcohol such as tequila, gin, rum or vodka is skillfully combined with other ingredients like supplementary beverage, fruits and herbs. There are no rules about how a cocktail should be made, it completely depends on the ingredients and creativity. The same creativity applies to their names as well, it completely depends on the mixologist and their idea behind a concoction. 

Here are few tips to make cocktails: 

1. Use premium liquors for a quality cocktail.  

2.  Chill your glasses in refrigerator or ice water beforehand, as chilling the glass ensures the cocktail remains refreshingly cool to the very last sip.  

3. Use lots of ice while shaking as it helps in chilling the cocktail further. 

4. Shake the cocktails vigorously and use small glasses.  

5. Use fresh ingredients. 

6.  Check which ingredients need shaking or what requires stirring like the cocktail which includes heavy ingredients like cream, requires heavy shaking to fully mix the ingredients. 

Try these G&T Cocktail recipes from Salud to add sparkle to your festive season: 

1. Salud Sunrise 

A sublime, smooth and fruity combination of tequila, orange juice and grenadine complemented with Salud Original G&T in a glass that adds a nice calm to the already complex and brisk drink. 

2. Salud Floral Elixir 

A subtle touch of gin, elderflower syrup and fresh lime fuses with Salud cucumber G&T in a wine glass to give a sophisticated yet refreshing experience. 

3. Salud Lavender Lush 

A hidden bitterness mixed with an ever-sweet fruit, pomegranate and vodka coupled with the ethereal and sprightly Salud Lavender G&T topped off with some blissful basil. 

4. Salud Mojito 

White rum with mint leaves and lime wedges offering a fizzy drink that is levelled with a cool Salud watermelon mint G&T. 

Try these cocktail and enjoy!