Try Chef Harihar Biswal’s Roast Duck Bao Recipe For Dinner
Image Credit: Roast Duck Bao/China Bistro

Chinese cuisine is well-known for a variety of dumplings, noodles, soups and condiments. While there are various kinds of dumplings, the Chinese bao is quite different from the usual. It is a bread-based snack that comes in the shape of a thick and soft bun and is usually filled with stuffings of meat and vegetables. 

While the steamed bun is definitely delicious in taste, its history is even more tasteful. Legend has it that during the 3rd century, a military strategist, Zhuge Liang, from China was trying to capture the present-day Sichuan region. After his victory, he was faced with another challenge when he had to cross river to reach his rebels. Since the river was governed by a deity, he was expected to fulfill his wish of beheading 50 soldiers from his army to grant access. 

After much thought, Zhuge made use of flat, steamed buns with a wide base as heads of his soldiers and manipulated the deity into believing the same. Once he crossed the river and emerged victorious, the deity realized he had been tricked. As a tribute to Zhuge’s master plan, the buns were called mantou or barbarian heads. 

Today, these mantous come with a variety of fillings and are known as baos, which vary in size and stuffing, from region to region. Chef Harihar Biswal, Head Chef at China Bistro, Mumbai, shares a delicious roast duck bao recipe for you to try at home. 


For the bao

    60 gm baking powder 

    60 gm yeast

    1 kg flour 

    130 gm milk

    150 gm sugar  

    450 ml water 

    10 gm oil   

Source: Roast Duck Bao/China Bistro

    Knead a dough by combining all the ingredients. 

    Let it rest for 20 minutes. 

    Then roll it into a small circle and steam it for 5 to 6 minutes.

For the stuffing             

    5  gm oil          

    5 gm chopped  ginger 

    6 gm chopped garlic 

    15 gm hoisin sauce 

    5 gm soy dark 

    5 gm light soy 

    3 gm spicy powder 

    Cooking wine

    100 gm roasted duck      


    Mix all ingredients and add it in the bao.