Truth About These Five Food Myths

No matter how much we love food, we tend to believe many rumours and myths about it. Instead of gathering information and getting the right information, we tend to believe such myths. We agree that it is easy to be misled into many such myths but completely relying on them is not at all right. Just because a particular food or food habit doesn’t suit a person doesn’t mean it is bad for everyone else. Knowing the truth and then jumping to a conclusion is always better. So, here is the truth about nine food myths. Have a look

Myth: Crabs are bad for the body

Truth: Right carbs are essential 

We have often heard that a low-carb diet is the quickest way to lose weight and get healthy. It is somewhere true but not a complete truth. Certain carbohydrates are high in calories and don’t offer health benefits but it is not the case for all carbs. Our body does need certain carbs to function properly. There are some fruits and vegetables that are high in carbs and nutritious as well. When we intake fiber-loaded carbs like sweet potatoes and whole wheat bread, it provides energy to the body. 

Myth: Eating once a day with help in losing weight

Truth: This can push the body into starvation mode

Eating all the calories in one single meal may lead to temporary weight loss but after time, it will either stall or reverse the process. When the body doesn’t know when it can expect its next meal, it goes into starvation mode and starts holding on to the calories. One should avoid this habit and rather should eat healthier and smaller portions of food every few hours for better results. 

Myth: Carrot consumption can improve the vision

Truth: Carrots are beneficial but aren’t going to give the 20/20 vision

Whenever we tell someone about our poor vision, he or she recommends us to eat carrots. They are not wrong as carrots do contain a lot of vitamins, especially vitamin A but this isn’t going to magically improve the vision. It would definitely benefit the eyes in some or the other way and would benefit other body parts as well. 

Myth: You must stop eating at night to lose weight

Truth: The body doesn’t shut down at the night

It is true that the body slows down at night and this leads to slower digestion in the evening but this in no way means that one should avoid eating in the evening to lose weight. One can satisfy his/her hunger by eating healthy snacks whenever they feel hungry. Nuts are the best option to do that as they can eliminate hunger while sating salt cravings. 

Myth: Eating fats makes fat

Truth: Natural fats are a must in a diet

Just like there are healthy carbs, there are good fats as well. Saturated fats are commonly found in junk food and can lead to weight gain but there are fats in avocados, nuts, etc that are essential for the body. Such fats can even help in managing blood sugar levels and can actually keep hunger at bay. 

So, don't believe any such rumours before doing thorough research. Let us know if you would like to have more such content from our side!