Tripura's 5 Exotic Dishes Won Our Hearts! Have You Tried Yet?
Image Credit: Gudok, Snigdha’s Bioscope@YouTube

The eating habits of tribal and non-tribal people in Tripura reflect the state's cultural variety. The non-tribal Bengalis of Tripura subsist on rice, fish, chicken, mutton, and pork. A small portion of Muslims consumes beef. The non-tribal people are renowned for their selection of fiery fish curries, nevertheless. Fish is readily available locally and from Bangladesh, where it is imported. But steamed hilsa, smeared with mustard seed and green chili, is the most famous and delectable fish recipe. Here are 5 such iconic dishes from Tripura's food bucket. 


A simple and traditional Tripuran comfort dish is gudok, which is a signature delicacy of this state. Berma, or dried and fermented fish, is the primary component in traditional gudok recipes. Along with a variety of fresh vegetables, the dish includes sobai, also known as snake beans, chawli, choda, potatoes, green chillies, bamboo shoots, and jackfruit seeds. Bamboo pipes are used to prepare gudok. It tastes and smells distinctively.

Kothalor Chakoi

Jackfruit seeds Tripura style curry, Image Source:

This simple curry made in Tripura will win anyone's heart with its flavours. The ingredients used for making it are jackfruit seeds and lentils mixed with mustard seeds, green chillies, yellow peas, shredded ginger, garlic, salt and baking soda. This famous curry is prepared in every house in Tripura and devoured with steamed rice. 

Muya Bai Wahan Chakhwi

The people of Tripura are very fond of non-vegetarian dishes, which is the most famous dish found widely in Tripura. This food item comprises bamboo shoots, pork, jackfruit seeds, green papaya, baking soda, green chilli, ginger, turmeric powder, rice flour, and salt. It is another favourite dish found in Tripura.  

Kheer Tua

Kheer tua dessert, Image Source: Tastebuds@YouTube

Kheer Tua is a famous dessert in Tripura, India's northeastern state, and several neighbouring regions. This local sweetmeat is available in practically all of the candy stores there. Regarding its accessibility in other areas of India, it is uncommon. Despite being a close relative of the well-known rasmalai, the sweet has a peculiar, rich flavour that sets it apart from other confections. It can be defined as a blend between the raabri and the rasmalai.

Kosoi Bwtwi

It is a traditional dish of Tripura. The ingredients include French beans, chopped onions, green chillies, tofu pieces, garlic cloves, salt, and turmeric powder. The people also use a kind of herb called the khundrupui leaves, which is available only in Tripura. It is a tasty vegetarian dish and a must-try food item.

Next time you visit this state, don't forget to try these five famous foods of Tripura.