Chuwarak, The Indigenous Champagne Of Tripura
Image Credit: Chuwarak in making, BotolPuran@Facebook

Tripura, popularly known as the Land of 14 Gods, is famous for its vibrant culture. It is not surprising that this exuberance is reflected in its cuisine. If you think we're just talking about food and sweets, you're mistaken. Some of the strongest alcoholic beverages, which will put many swanky alcohols in disgrace, are famously prepared in Tripura. Chuwarak is the first name that comes to mind when someone asks for a drink recommendation. It is commonly referred to as Tripura's indigenous champagne. A few others tout it as scotch. There is no doubt that one must develop a taste for it. Nonetheless, trying Chuwarak at least once is a must. Scroll down if you still need to get convinced to give it a shot.

Alcoholic beverages intertwined with celebration

Alcoholic beverages are the mainstay for Tripura's indigenous people's social and religious activities. They brew their own rice beer. Similarly, they make a more intense liquor, i.e., Chuwarak. It is also an intermediary product in the process that leads to the distilled variations of the liquor known as Chuwarak in Tripuri. The distillation of this unique beverage necessitates caution and attention. The preparation is a time-consuming method that takes several hours. Chuwarak is a rice and jaggery distillate. The recipe varies, and thus it may contain jackfruit or pineapple. The colourless liquid has a pleasant flavour but is also extremely strong. Some age it for four to five years and employ it for medical purposes.

Chuwarak traditional preparation process, Image Source: pixstory

A versatile drink loaded with nutrition

Chuwarak is a type of white drink. The recipe calls for an array of ingredients, including jackfruit, rice, and pineapple. Aside from this, native items such as Thakotor leaves and Tokhiseleng leaves are employed. The drink depends on a chuwan, a yeast that is a blend of fresh leaves and a medley of local spices and condiments. It resembles a dry cake consisting of various herbal ingredients and rice. It helps in the fermentation process. Due to all the fermentation, Chuwarak is also packed with pro- and pre-biotics. Once you have a sip of this native champagne of Tripura, you are most likely to get addicted due to its exotic aroma and taste.

Deserves global patronage

This Tripuri-made distilled alcohol is comparable to scotch or champagne. Locals believe that it lacks patronage, or else it could have gained the rank of Goan Feni and garnered international fame. All it needs is a bit of publicity and promotion akin to the leading alcoholic beverage companies. Chuwarak has been an integral part of Tripuri culture since the beginning of time. There has been no reported mishap with its consumption to date. That is why Tripuri whisky is believed to be among the safest in the world. Chuwarak comes in a medley of flavours, including Mami rice, pineapple, jackfruit, and Guria rice.