Triphala: Explore The 6 Health Benefits Of This Ayurvedic Herb

Herbs are an essential part of our daily cooking. We use it in our dishes to add aroma and flavour to them. They give an extraordinary taste to any dull recipe with just a little amount. Apart from making our food delicious, herbs are also known to be very healthy. Some common herbs used in Indian cooking are mint, coriander, basil, bay leaves, dill and lemongrass. Besides these culinary herbs there are plenty of other options also available which possess Ayurvedic benefits. 

One such Ayurvedic herb is triphala. It is a mixture of three dried fruits, amla, bibhitaki and haritaki. Since it is made with three fruits, we call it Triphala (tri meaning three and phala means fruits). According to Ayurveda, this age-old plant-based formula is known to have several health benefits when consumed daily. For an adult, 2 to 4 grams of triphala powder is enough for the whole day. 

Here are six reasons to have triphala daily: 

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

According to WebMD, triphala is rich in many antioxidants such as flavonoids, polyphenols, saponins and vitamin C that help in fighting against free radicals in the body. This in turn reduces inflammation and the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. These compounds also protect the body against certain cancers. 

Protects Against Dental Diseases 

According to Healthline, the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of triphala help in preventing the formation of plaque on the teeth which is the major cause of cavities and gum disease. This Ayurvedic herb is a common ingredient in natural or herbal mouthwashes. So, protect your teeth and gums from bacterial growth with triphala and enhance your dental health. 

Aids Weight Loss 

If you are planning your weight loss journey, then triphala can become a part of your diet. According to Healthline, the compounds present in this herb contribute to burning fat mainly in the belly area. The best way to consume triphala powder for weight loss is to combine it with warm water and honey and drink it before meals. 

Improve Digestive Issues 

This is an age-old remedy for digestive issues. Triphala is said to clean the digestive system and its mild laxative properties help in preventing several digestion related problems like gastrointestinal discomfort. According to WebMD, it is an amazing remedy for constipation and irregular bowel movements. 

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels 

According to WebMD, amla, one of the three fruits in Triphala contains a good amount of antioxidants that can have antidiabetic properties. These properties help in lowering blood sugar levels and are good for people with type 2 diabetes. Along with this, triphala is also known for managing cholesterol levels. 

Boosts Immune System 

Having a good immune system is very important for a healthy life. The plant-based compounds of triphala have rejuvenating properties that help in strengthening the immune system. The antioxidants present in this herb fight against oxidative stress, lethargy and fatigue by generating energy.