We are sure you’ve tried grilled chicken, grilled fish, even grilled prawns! However, have you ever tried the grilled lemonade? Yes you read that right. This drink has become a trend on social media with food bloggers trying their hands at replicating the recipe. So what is this drink all about? It’s your basic lemonade, made from grilled lemons. Have you ever tried grilling lemons before? Well, you might just end up enjoying yourself. 

Does grilled lemonade taste different? 

According to home chef Vijaylakshmi Subramaniam, who has tried her hands at this recipe, the grilled lemonade definitely tastes different as compared to the plain Jane lemonade. “At first even I didn’t think it’ll be much different, but grilling lemons actually increases the tart flavour of the drink. The logic is similar to why we grill tomatoes. Grilling lemons just makes the drink much more lemon-y,” says Rupali. Another home chef Shanti Anand adds, “Grilled lemonade is the fancy way of serving the plain lemonade. It’s aesthetically pleasing and the charred lemonade adds just the right touch when paired with kala namak or chaat masala.” 

If this drink has stirred your interest, here’s a simple way to make grilled lemonade:


  1. Grilled Lemonade
  2. 6-8 large fresh lemons enough to give juice that fills 2 cups 
  3. 4-6 cups cold water
  4. 1.5 cup sugar syrup
  5. Sugar Syrup
  6. 2 cups of sugar
  7. Water


  1. While making the syrup, in a sauce pan add water and sugar. Stir and bring to a boil. When the sugar is completely dissolved and the liquid is clear, turn off the gas and allow the syrup to come to room temp.
  2. Heat up grill on high heat. Oil the grates. Cut lemons in half and place open side down. Allow to sit on hot grates for about 5 minutes.
  3. In a 2 litre pitcher, add 1.5 cup squeezed burnt lemon juice and 1.5 cups simple syrup. Add some cold water.
  4. Place in fridge to chill. Serve when cold.

Will you be trying this recipe at home? In case you like to have your lemonade with a desi twist, feel free to add kala namak or chaat masala to your drink. If you prefer a sweeter drink, you may end more sugar syrup to the recipe. Tell us if you liked grilled lemonade over normal lemonade in the comments or on our so