Trending: Single Potato Chip Sold Online For ₹1.63 Lakh, Here’s Why
Image Credit: Image: Freepik

The internet is full of bizarre videos, news and trends, and every day we come across at least one weird piece of content that leaves us amazed. From bizarre experiments and inventions to funny videos, there is ample content online to keep us entertained all through. One such recent occurrence that has caught the attention of many involves none other than our favourite snack - potato chips, rather ‘a potato chip’.

One of the most popular snacks across age groups, a packet of chips is something nobody can resist. No matter what brand, there are so many flavours that have come up in different price ranges that you can experiment every day. However, how much can you actually pay for a packet? Can you imagine buying a single potato chip for a price of ₹1.63 lakhs? Well, a UK-based man is indeed selling one (quite, literally!). A one-of-its-kind Pringles chip is on sale for €2,000 and the reason behind this is quite astonishing. 

According to a report in Mirror, a man from Buckinghamshire had put up a potato chip on eBay for sale on May 3. The Pringle potato chip being offered for sale is the sour cream and onion flavour chip. The seller says that the chip is an item which is "brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged". If you are wondering, what is it about the potato chip that is worth €2,000 or ₹1.63 lakhs, well its uniqueness comes from the shape - which is an extremely rare fold along the top edge that lines up properly with the rest of the chip. 

Image: Freepik

Well, that is surely as bizarre as it gets. But hats off to the man who actually took notice of such a unique potato chip. If you ask me, I don’t even bother to look at each chip! I wonder if you ever encountered such a strange and unusual chip while eating from our regular packet or box.  

And well, this is not the first time that people have put up such bizarre things on sale online. A while ago, a McDonald’s chicken nugget also went online for sale for a whopping price of ₹73 lakhs! Yes, you read that right. The reason might be bizarre for regular people, but for BTS fans, it was big. The said chicken nugget was a part of McDonald's BTS meal which fans had gone gaga about. Besides this, the shape of the chicken nugget too was quite unique and resembled a character from the popular game 'Among Us'. Interesting, isn’t it? What’s more interesting is that the bidding went on for two whole days on eBay, where it was finally sold for $99,997 or ₹73 lakhs! 

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