Trending: Mira Kapoor’s Dubai Grub Fest Is Making Us Hungry
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @mira.kapoor

Vacation is all about stunning pictures, fashion and food. And seems like Mira Kapoor is acing it all. Currently on a vacation to Dubai with her girl gang, Mira is giving us holiday goals one picture at a time. She jetted off to Dubai just two days ago and we are already in love with her shenanigans. Especially the ones where food is involved, and if her Instagram Stories are to be believed it seems like Mira is partially on a food trip to Dubai. Taking to her social media, Mira shared pictures from her first dinner in the ‘city of gold’, and for foodies like me it was no less than a heavenly feast.  

While her first few pictures were all about stunning views from her hotel – be it of beach or the Dubai skyline, post-midnight Mira shared some drool-worthy dinner snaps that she noshed off at the popular Dubai restaurant CE LA VI. A sky bar, the restaurant is a hotspot for tourists and we simply couldn’t take our eyes off from the view of Burj Khalifa, that Mira shared in her Instagram Stories. Take a look: 

Beautiful, isn’t it? Wait till you see what she feasted on here. From sinful vegan desserts that looked like decadent cheesecakes and lemon pie, to truffle laced risotto, Mira enjoyed it all. Take a look: 

‘Heaven’, Mira wrote over the picture of risotto. We could also spot some crunchy-looking garlic bread behind the risotto. The desserts as Mira mentioned were all vegan and looked every bit delicious. “I’m not a dessert person but this one was DEADLY Vegan dessert” Mira wrote as she shared a video of what looked like strawberry syrup being poured over a lemon curd dessert topped with fresh chopped strawberries and blackberries. Take a look at the “deadly dessert”: 

We are drooling already, aren’t you? If that has made you want to be a part of Mira’s vacation, wait till you see what Mira started off with the next day. Can you guess? Mira started her day 2 in Dubai early with a hot cup of coffee in a beautiful cuppa. “But first, coffee...” she wrote over the picture she shared on her Instagram Stories. Take a look: 

It’s just day two and we are already impressed with Mira’s itinerary for her grub fest in Dubai. And if her pictures have made you hungry too, fret not. We’ve got some recipes to sort your plans for the dinner tonight. Craving risotto? Click here for an easy recipe of the Italian treat. While we may not know the exact dish that Mira enjoyed for desserts, but if vegan desserts are your choice, here are some options you would absolutely love.  

And first from Mira’s food diaries is coffee, which we have endless recipes for. From classic latte to frothy cappuccino, we’ve got it all. Click here for some amazing coffee recipes you can try at home.