Trending: Malaika Arora’s Korean Dinner Is Sure To Give You 'Food Coma'
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @malaikaaroraofficial

A foodie’s love for different cuisines is often unmatched. Malaika Arora's love for food is also one such, and it’s no secret to us. Her Instagram stories are often about her food diaries. Right from a wholesome breakfast to her homemade spread for friends and family is straight out of a foodie’s paradise. No wonder that besides being a fitness enthusiast, she has emerged well as a food influencer over the years. The diva keeps has over 14 million followers on Instagram, and she keeps them all updated with her food shenanigans. And after closely following her, we can safely say that she sure knows how to strike a balance between clean eating and occasional indulgences. And she sure knows how to indulge her heart out!  

Just how Malaika takes her work out and diet seriously, her indulgences are equally interesting. While we have often seen her indulging in sweet treats like chocolates and cakes, Malaika's latest story on Instagram is all about going all out with a lavish Korean spread.  

Keeping up with the tradition of sharing almost all her food activities, Malaika Arora recently took to Instagram to give us a sneak-peek into her expansive spread, that is making us drool. In her story, we could see a Korean BBQ set up with meat and veggies getting grilled on it. Besides, we could also spot bowls of kimchi, cucumber, pickled radish, soup and more on the sides. "Food Coma" she captioned the picture. Looking at the spread, we can agree how the spread is sure to send us all in food coma. Take a look: 

Isn't it too delicious to resist? Seems like the K-fever isn’t going anywhere. Be it K-dramas or K-pop music, we are all drooling over all things Korean. After all, you simply cannot resist a bowl of Bibimpap - a popular Korean rice dish. And if you too are slurping like us with the mere mention, then here's a surprise for you. While we can't set up a BBQ for you, there're recipes that can help curb your Korean food cravings. That's right. Here are some Korean recipes you can try at home for your next dinner party.  

Coming back to Malaika’s oh-so-delicious dinner, what do you think about her Korean BBQ setup? Let us know.