Trending: Karisma Kapoor’s Morning Fix Is This Beverage
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @therealkarismakapoor

If you are someone who cannot start the day without a cup of coffee, you will definitely relate to Karisma Kapoor’s love for it. For a number of people, the day begins only after they have had their first cup of coffee. It seems actress Karisma Kapoor too falls into the category of coffee enthusiasts, who just can’t resist a good cuppa. We have seen the actor expressing her love for favourite foods in many of her Instagram posts and stories. And coffee is no different. Haven’t you seen the actor flaunting her coffee mug on shoots, travel and at home early morning? For instance, her latest Instagram story is proof of how she loves her daily cup of coffee. Take a look: 

The image featured a hot cup of coffee. “Coffee and me,” Karisma wrote on the image, adding a heart emoji at the end. Relatable much? Well for me as a coffee lover, yes! And you know who else can relate to Karisma from the tinsel town? Actor Vicky Kaushal! Yes, the ‘Sardar Uddham’ actor is a coffee enthusiast who has repeatedly expressed his love for the hot beverage to his fans and followers on Instagram.  Don’t believe us? He recently posted a series of pictures of himself from a film shoot, holding a coffee mug, and his caption tells it all. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is coffee no. 5," wrote Vicky in the caption of his post. Read more about it here

While too much of coffee isn’t good for our health, experts believe a moderate consumption of coffee – 2-4 cups -- can be healthy for most people and lowers the risk of some health issues as well, including like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even depression. And if Karisma made you crave a cup of coffee, here are some interesting ways you can add it to your diet: 

Think coffee, cinnamon, walnuts, yogurt and sugar. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? This coffee cake is every coffee lover’s heaven! 

Don’t you remember this super viral recipe that made coffee lovers across the world hooked to it amid the lockdown? Dalgona is made by whipping instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy, and is then added to cold or hot milk. 

Perfect for summer season, this recipe is served cold and is super refreshing in the scorching heat. Extremely easy to prepare, this cold brew coffee recipe is easy, delicious, perfectly sweet, and so addictive. 

This sweet treat combines strong coffee with the creamy texture of fudge to make a perfect afternoon treat. 

Surprised? Well, mint and coffee go wonderfully together. While it may not be your regular coffee, but can prove to be immensely beneficial for health. A freshly made coffee with a hint of mint, can there be anything more refreshing?