Seems like Shahid Kapoor was envious of his wife’s amazing girl’s trip because that explains how he ended up going on an all-boys trip to Europe with his gang right after her return. Having a gala time with half-brother Ishaan Khatter and friend and actor, Kunal Kemmu, the large guy group is hiking to interesting places in Europe. Ishaan was last seen in A Suitable Boy on Netflix, an adaptation of a best-selling novel. While he has done tremendous work in art cinema and theatre, his commercial release, Dhadak, was quite a rage amongst his fans. The talented boy from the family of actors, Ishaan is also an avid coffee enthusiast. 

While in France, the trio along with others, were seen backpacking to different parts of the country and that’s when he expressed his love for coffee. He posted a picture of himself with coffee and captioned it saying , “J’aime le café”. Now that he has confessed how much he loves this beverage, we aren’t surprised that he’s actually having it again with his boys. The highlight of the coffee are the cute cups in which it is served. The miniature cups in which he’s drinking coffee are so adorable and heart-warming. Although we don’t know the exact place where he’s having coffee, what we do know is that while two of them like coffee in small cups, one of them still prefers their large mug of coffee. Topped with cocoa powder and chocolate, the coffee looks amazing. 

Here, take a look. 

Source: Screengrab of Instagram stories/Ishaan Khatter

Liked it? Now whip up some coffee yourself too. Here are a few recipes that you can try. 

1.  Dalgona Coffee 

The most trending coffee at a particular time during the lockdown, dalgona coffee is a delicious treat for coffee lovers. The coffee is whipped together with some sugar and milk till it forms peaks. The milk is poured in the cup and coffee is carefully placed at the top with the peaks intact. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on it and it’s ready. 

2.  Coffee Punch 

Want to impress your taste buds and that of your fellow coffee lovers? The coffee punch is a definitely a must-try then. Mixed with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, add some milk, boiled water coffee and sugar and churn it all together. A frothy cup of coffee with a tantalizing aroma is what you’d get in the end. 

3.  Frappe Iced Coffee 

This is one of the easiest recipes to make. Churn the espresso with milk and dunk in some sugar. Blend it all together and pop in some ice cubes. The chilled frappe would serve as a perfect respite during the summer season. The fragrance of the coffee beans will leave you wanting more. 

4.  Turkish Coffee 

This is another delicious and chilled coffee recipe that is made with minimum ingredients. The ground Turkish coffee is whipped up with cold water and some castor sugar and your special coffee is ready.