Trending: ‘Idli Ice Cream’ Is The New Bizarre Combination To Shock Netizens
Image Credit: Image: Instagram @thegreatindianfoodie

Lately, social media seems to be in the grip of bizarre food trends. In the quest to offer something different, unique and quirky, restaurants and food joints end up constantly innovating and experimenting with something or the other. Food bloggers too are often on the hunt to find the most delicious eateries, recipes and unique delicacies around. Their aim is to introduce the world to a new and tempting dish every time so that more people can relish it. In doing so, however, they often come across weird food combos that can simply put anyone off, instead of making them hungry. If you have missed ‘Dhokla Ice Cream Roll’, ‘Fanta Maggi’ or ‘Chole Bhature Ice Cream’, here is your chance to get a taste of how far one can go in the name of novelty.  

A blogger has recently shared a video from a food joint in Lajpat Nagar, South Delhi, who is selling ‘Idli Ice Cream’. Yes, you read that right. In the video uploaded by The Great Indian Foodie on Instagram, the vendor seems to be not just an expert at turning soft and fluffy idlis into ice cream, but also the crunchy and salty dosa into a dessert. Well, the internet is not happy at all. 

The short video shows a person beating and chopping idli into small pieces and then pouring sambhar and chutneys onto the pieces. To our shock, he then adds ice cream to the mix. After seeing the video, users have urged the food blogger to not promote such food vendors. Take a look at the full video of the bizarre dish here:

The comments section of the video was filled with people requesting to stop this trend and not promote these vendors.

 “God will never forgive those who do this (to food). What else do I have to see,” a person wrote in Hindi. Another said, “Stop ruining good food.” Adding some fun to the post, this person asked for “some onion” to be added to the ice cream. 

The video went beyond Instagram, and has also been shared on Twitter, with people mostly complaining about it. “Why should I only suffer? Idli ice cream,” read a comment.

Echoing a similar sentiment, a user said, “I should have scrolled past as soon as I saw “idli ice cream”, but curiosity got the best of me. And, now, the South Indian me is dying trying to unsee this.” Meanwhile, this user said, “This isn't worse than the masala dosa ice cream."