‘Joey doesn’t share food!’ the famous phrase from American sitcom FRIENDS is popular amongst foodies. And if the recent scoop by Deepika Padukone is to be believed, it is the same with our Bollywood celebrities too. In a new interview with Cyrus Broacha on his show Cyrus Says on YouTube, filmmaker Shakun Batra and Deepika revealed how Ananya doesn't share food. Seems like she is the Joey of the group! 

Currently riding high on her latest outing, Gehraaiyan directed by Shakun Batra, actors Ananya Panday, Dhairya Karwa, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Deepika Padukone were interacting with Cyrus Broacha. When he asked the team to describe each other and particularly things they don’t like about each other, Deepika revealed how Ananya doesn't share food. Elaborating on one particular incident. “We invited ourselves to Ananya's house because she said that she is having keema pao for dinner. We said thanks for inviting us and she was like ‘Yes if you guys wanna come, please come but there isn't enough pao for you all’ Deepika said. She further added, “We then waited 40 minutes for our food that we ordered but she kept eating hers and didn't share."


Shakun further revealed how Ananya only shared some 3-4 matar (peas) from the keema pao she was eating. Deepika then says, “At least you got that.” While narrating the entire incident, Deepika also revealed how they were so hungry yet had to wait for 40-45 minutes more for what they ordered because Ananya didn’t share her keema pav. 

Image: Freepik

Well, if it’s about keema pav, I don’t blame Ananya! A staple dish for Mumbaikars, the combination of keema and pav is sure to tingle your taste buds like nothing else. With its fiery spices, juicy minced keema paired with mushy and soft pav, this street food is one-of-a-kind and is the ultimate treat for anyone looking for something meaty, spicy and decadent. Looking for an easy recipe to try at home? We’ve got you covered with one right here