Trending: AI Generated Beer Commercial Baffled Internet Users

In spite of concerns that artificial intelligence-generated media will eventually be indistinguishable from traditional media, potentially destroying society and/or civilization in the process, we aren't quite there yet. Lately, artificial intelligence (AI) has gained popularity. The powers of AI in numerous sectors are not only being talked about in theory but are also being shown in practice. If you can dream it, it appears that AI can do it, from writing cover letters for college entrance to creating music. The quality of the content produced by AI, however, remains debatable. Consider the recent beer commercial that was produced using AI. How has this strange advertising become so popular? 

The 30-second film, titled "Synthetic Summer," was made by London-based producers's Helen Power and Chris Boyle and debuted on Instagram on April 24. Later, they made the decision to experiment with AI and produce their own work, a beer commercial without actors. The video aims to serve as a promotional piece for a fake beer brand. In this video, there are no real individuals to be seen. “SYNTHETIC SUMMER. BYO BOTS. No real people are featured in this video. You can't fight the future - but you can probably drink it”. Reads the caption of the video, which has had over 34k views. 

The AI-generated video initially seems fairly commonplace. The details are quite distorted, though, as you can see if you look more closely. The beer advertisement realised that something is quite strange about the scene. People are speaking to floating beer cans, laughing in ways that their jaws won't allow, punching themselves in the face with beer cans, and performing a variety of other bizarre acts. The proportions of the faces are off, and the speech patterns seem out of the ordinary. The entirety of the AI-generated video seems ominous and genuinely the stuff of nightmares! 

The AI-generated beer commercial video drew feedback from a lot of internet users. One user said, "That sideways fire tornado had me rolling," while another asked, "Is it a horror movie trailer?" Another person inquired, "What programme or app does this?" A third person added, "Fortunately there are some obvious bugs that tell us this is not real!" "The video's creator, Armand Domalewski, tweeted the video: "This video looks exactly like how an alien would understand our beer commercials." While they investigate all that AI has to offer, Boyle and his colleagues intend to keep producing advertisements for the tech, fashion, and sports industries. 

Maybe in a few months, we'll see AI-generated ads with believable people drinking beer without melting into the can.