Trending: After Baked Feta Pasta, This Baked Hummus Pasta Is Lapping It Up On The Internet
Image Credit: Screengrab of viral video/Instagram, Who is up for baking then?

Usually, when I go out to eat with my friends, the two things that always don our tables first are pizza and pasta. There is an unsaid consensus on these two dishes and we love having it. Pasta is actually an Italian dish which has become quite a rage in India too. Just like we have our own desi Chinese here, we have managed to adapt the pasta to our tastes too. Now, you would find even the smallest of cafes and shacks selling pasta on their menu. The interesting part is the variety. We have simply classified the pasta into red sauce and white sauce for our understanding and then sometimes, there is a third called pink sauce. 

The Italians might be blown away by the ingredients we add to their beloved pasta but that’s how we Indians like it, spicy, tangy and full of flavours. Do you remember the various trends that created a rage on the Internet when the lockdown began? Dalgona coffee was one of the most-tried trends of that time. There was another experiment recipe that was showered with a lot of love i.e. the baked feta pasta. The cherry tomatoes were baked with feta cheese and mashed together into a thick paste. The boiled pasta was added to it and Voila! A delicious pasta was ready in minutes. 

Something similar has happened recently. A food blogger, @feelgoodfoodie, shared the recipe video of her baked hummus pasta and we can’t stop drooling. The pasta follows a very similar method of preparation except that it replaces feta cheese with loads of pesto- flavoured hummus. This dish is the newest kid on the block and we thought you might want to try it. 

Source: Feel Good Foodie/Instagram

The viral video shows how the cherry tomatoes are placed in a glass container and pesto hummus is scooped in the centre. It is drizzled with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Then it is baked and the soft and mushy tomatoes are mashed together with the hummus, giving a thick paste. Boiled pasta is added to the bowl and everything is mixed together. Finally, you can garnish it with freshly chopped basil and your baked hummus pasta is ready. 

With so much talk of baked pastas, how about we tell you some interesting recipes that you can try today? 

1.  Baked Zucchini Pasta 

With the goodness of zucchini, this cheesy and creamy pasta is baked with ricotta cheese and parmesan cheese. The hints of garlic, onion powder and Italian seasoning enhance its flavour while the marinara sauce gives it a saucy touch.

2.  Cheesy Baked Macaroni Pasta 

Heard of mac n cheese before? Yes, it is just that. The boiled macaroni is layered with oodles of cheese and seasoned with lots of herbs. This is baked and the cheese pull is just amazing.