Must Try These 7 Fried Odia Snacks To Satisfy Your Hunger

Pilgrims explore temples, tourists indulge in sightseeing, but foodies like to go for restaurant hopping in Odisha. The regional cuisine offers a variety of sumptuous dishes that gastronomes can’t eat enough. The local food of the state is considered less spicy and oily compared to other states. 

Video Credit: Mrunalinee/ YouTube

A lot of delicacies in Odia cuisine are made using milk-based products, especially sweets. However, it does not mean that the regional cuisine does not have fried snacks that pair well with your evening tea. Who does not crave oil and fat? If you are out there looking to taste the local food, note these recommendations for snacks.

Dahibara Aludam

Dahibara aludam originates in Cuttack but is available throughout Odisha. First, lentil dumplings are deep-fried and soaked in curd sprinkled with red chilli powder and chaat masala. The next step involves making potato gravy with a bunch of spices so that it compliments the tangy taste of curd. The two dishes are combined and topped with chopped onions, sev, and coriander leaves before serving.

Bhindi Baingan Bhaja

Bhindi baingan bhaja (bhendi baigana bhaja) is a popular snack of Odisha prepared by shallow frying or tossing around the slices of okra and brinjal. This is a desi stir-fry snack that tastes delicious with each bite tantalising your taste buds. It can also contain chunks of potatoes, sliced onions, and chopped tomatoes. The dish can be consumed as is or served with paratha and roti-dal. 


In Odia cuisine, singada looks like a close cousin of samosa. Though it is stuffed with a spiced filling of potatoes and peas, it tastes quite different than what you are used to relishing in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. The crispy outer shell and delicious filling make it a must-try on your spree to discover the best of regional cuisine.

Bara (Vada)

Bara or vada is another popular snack served in Odisha. Soaked urad dal is ground and mixed with spices and herbs to create a thick paste. Small balls made from this batter are deep-fried until golden brown and crispy. This you can eat with a cup of coffee or chai if served with green chutney. However, locals like to pair it with ghugni, a flavourful curry made from yellow peas.

Aloo Chop

If you are from Maharashtra or any of the five South Indian states, you must be aware of aloo bonda. Aloo chop is a similar dish prepared in Odisha by street vendors. Boiled potatoes are first mashed and then combined with spices. Using oil-greased palms, the mixture is shaped into many small patties which are then coated with gram flour to achieve a crispy exterior. These tikkis are deep-fried until golden. You can relish these chops with chutney or ketchup.

Chakuli Pitha

Chakuli pitha is a stir-fried snack made with a fermented batter of urad dal and rice. The mixture resembles the batter prepared for idli and dosa. After the pithas are steamed, they are pan-fried in a good amount of oil until the crust turns crispy. This dish is often served with chutney and aloo sabzi or curry. 


Piaji are onion fritters that pair impeccably with a cup of ginger tea. Onion slices are mixed with a spiced batter of besan and deep-fried in oil. Similarly, aloo piaji is also made by deep-frying potato and onion slices after dipping them in a gram flour batter. These are served with chutney or ketchup.