Bring Home The Spirit Of Goan Cuisine With Feni, Bebinca, & More

When a person travels, they collect memories. But when a food enthusiast travels, they collect local ingredients that can help revive and relive the stories of their journeys through food. Traveller's Pantry is a series by Slurrp through which tourists travelling across the states of India will find indigenous gems that they can stock up on, take back home and learn more about India’s regional cuisines. This series will walk you through some of the best ingredients that India’s states have to offer, especially through the experienced hands of local chefs, experts and vendors, taking you on a true culinary safari of the nation.

Goa, among the most sought-after tourist destinations in India, experiences a footfall of tourists throughout the year. Sandy beaches, seafood cuisines, and lush greenery of the state attract globetrotters in a huge amount, who come to experience the vibrant culture of the state but take away loads of memories packed in their suitcases with them. In between sightseeing and beach hopping, every traveller you talk to will tell you how enriching a journey can be through Goan’s culinary lanes.

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The sun-kissed state is located on the Western Coast of India and boasts picturesque shores of the Arabian Sea that offer abundant access to seafood. The Goan cuisine, as we know it today, is an impeccable blend of Portuguese, Southeast Asian, and Indian culinary traditions. From fish curry to prawn balchao, the state has a variety of dishes available to cater to the palates of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 

But the fun does end with your trip to Goa coming to a halt. The best part of travelling is you get to bring souvenirs from your expedition. These keepsakes can also be popular and lesser-explored delicacies from the destination. Goa, much like every other state in India, has many food items that you can bring home and continue to enjoy the flavours of the Goan cuisine. 

To bring you recommendations, Slurrp spoke to Tanay Udyawar, Executive Chef at The Cape Goa; Assis Cardozo, owner of Simonia’s Bakery; Sylvia, owner of Goan Tasty Sausages; Hansel Vaz, Enterprises Colva Liquor Supermarket; Akash Tupkar, owner of Goan Spices & Masala store; and Resha, owner of VG Prabhu & Company. Here are a few Goan specialities that you must bring home.

Coconut Vinegar

Resha said that coconut vinegar is among the few staples in Goa. You must have heard of apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, and other varieties of it, but Goa has coconut vinegar. According to the vendor, “Coconut vinegar is generally used to cook most of the non-vegetarian Goan delicacies, especially by the Catholic community.” She added that the ingredient is also used to preserve fish pickles or to make balchao.

Shop Name: VG Prabhu & Company

Address: Rahmath Apartment, Shanti Nagar, Ponda, Goa 403001

Contact: 9326867979

Price: Rs 130 for 700 ml


If you like to relish alcoholic beverages, Goan feni is a must-try. Usually made with cashews, the liquor is sold in almost every wine shop in the state. However, Hansel Vaz said that tourists must be aware of the premium quality brands that make the best feni. If you visit his store, you will also find coconut feni and dukshiri feni, vapour-infused liquor with coconut base. While the cashew feni takes 3-4 days to ferment, dukshiri takes around 6-7 days. 

Shop Name: Vaz Enterprises Colva Liquor Supermarket

Address: Costa Solitaire, Margao-Colva Road, Per Seraulim, Seraulim, Salcete, Goa 403708

Contact: 9527192169, 8605008185

Price: Rs 250 to Rs 1500 depending on the choice of feni


Recommended by Tanay Udyawar and Resha, recheado is a curry paste that elevates the flavours of seafood, especially if you are cooking pomfret or mackerel. The meat is first marinated in this paste and fried to infuse and lock flavours into it. The chef uses the same paste to create a signature dish at his restaurant called recheado calamari which is served with Goan slaw and rechado kingfish with fries, sautéed veggies, and slaw.

Shop Name: VG Prabhu & Company

Address: Rahmath Apartment, Shanti Nagar, Ponda, Goa 403001

Contact: 9326867979

Price: Rs 120 for 200 gm


Chef Tanay Udyawar stressed buying chorizo, the famous Portuguese-origin pork sausages, if you love non-vegetarian food. Sylvia, who sells the delicious Goan delicacy, said that one can store these sausages for up to a year. The meat is first marinated in a spicy mix of chillies, garlic, turmeric powder, ginger, and vinegar among others, and half-cooked. It is available with and without food colouring. 

Shop Name: Goan Tasty Sausages

Address: Pilar Old Goa Rd, Agaçaim, Dongrim, Goa 403402

Contact: 7350755566

Price: Rs 450 for 100 pieces or Rs 800 - Rs 850 per kg

Prawn Balchao

According to Tanay Udyawar, every non-veg enthusiast must purchase prawn balchao, which is a variety of Goan pickles. Resha shared that the recipe for this delicacy was brought to Goa by the Portuguese, and it is specially made by the Catholic community in the state. Fried prawns cooked in a tangy sauce can be served as a side dish with other delights.

Shop Name: VG Prabhu & Company

Address: Rahmath Apartment, Shanti Nagar, Ponda, Goa 403001

Contact: 9326867979

Price: Rs 140 for 200 gm


Chef Tanay Udyawar and Assis Cardozo agreed that every traveller must indulge in bebinca, Goa’s sweet delicacy. Made with all-purpose flour, coconut juice, and eggs, it is a seven-layer dessert. Some bakeries sell it with 11-12 layers. Assis Cardozo shared that the dessert is cooked layer-by-layer. Therefore, to bake the delicacy, it can take a baker 4-5 hours.

Shop Name: Simonia’s Bakery

Address: NH - 17 Near SBI Bank, opp. NEXA Showroom, Porvorim, Aradi Socorro, Goa 403521

Contact: 7083682626


Both Resha and Tanay Udyawar suggested travellers buy kokum, a fruit-bearing tree indigenous to the regions of Western Ghats. Resha said that the flesh of the fruit is used while making kadhi, dal, or fish curry. She also sells kokam syrup which can be consumed with soda water to improve digestion. 

Shop Name: VG Prabhu & Company

Address: Rahmath Apartment, Shanti Nagar, Ponda, Goa 403001

Contact: 9326867979

Price: Rs 480 per kg for dried kokum skin and Rs 160 for 1 litre syrup


Teppal is peppercorns grown in Goa. Akash Tupkar shared that the weather conditions in Goa make it a perfect spot to grow pepper - black pepper, white pepper, and lemon pepper. He added, “Compared to other varieties of pepper grown across India, Goan pepper has a spicy flavour, and it elevates the notes of any dish.”

Shop Name: Goan Spices & Masala

Address: HQ63+67H, Calangute - Baga Rd, Next To Jay's Restaurant, Near Hotel La Calypso, Saunta Vaddo, Baga, Goa, Baga, Goa 403516

Contact: 7745070147

Price: Rs 680 per kg