Black Pudding To Soda Bread: Ever Tried The Irish Breakfast?
Image Credit: Meats are an important part of Irish breakfast.

Did you know that Ireland underwent several influences which have shaped its culture and cuisine today? From the Celts to the Vikings and the English, the Irish have seen it all through centuries of rule and colonization. Irish cuisine is known to be plain and simple yet having a distinctive air to it. When gorging on an Irish spread, it is said that you should definitely watch out for the soda bread and the Irish stew as they are the specialties of the fare. That also reminds us of the boozy Irish coffee that holds a special place in the hearts of caffeine aficionados. While Ireland may be free from the British rule, it is the breakfast habits of the English that have remained with them ever since. 

The concept of having a full English breakfast is quite common these days. From homes to restaurants and cafes, there are special places that offer authentic breakfast spreads to the people. What began as an elite class ritual of the British aristocracy somewhere in the 13th century, ended up becoming a common weekend lunch or brunch get together menu later on. It is said that breakfast was placed at a high pedestal during the Victorian era and eating thrice a day (three meals namely breakfast, lunch and dinner) was given utmost importance. 

Hailing from the same spirit, the Irish also enjoy a traditional full Irish breakfast. It may not be a regular affair but is a part of the weekend specials where people get together to relax and indulge in a lazy breakfast. This also sometimes coincides with lunch to become a brunch thing. So what are some of the signature dishes of the full Irish breakfast.  

1.  Irish Soda Bread 

A distinct type of bread that comes on the breakfast table and is also part of celebrations like Saint Patrick’s Day, the Irish soda bread is a crowd-pleaser. What makes this bread so unique is its contrasting dense and soft textures inside-out. Made with buttermilk, baking soda, sugar and all-purpose flour, the bread comes packed with loads of dried currants and raisins. 

2.  Baked Beans 

Instead of store-bought cans of beans, you can actually soak the kidney beans overnight and bake them with some barbeque sauce and onions for breakfast the next day. 

3.  Butter Mushrooms 

Tossed in lots of butter, the button mushrooms are served as a side on the breakfast plate. You’ll find some grilled tomatoes kept in a corner with baked beans too. 

4.  Sunny Side Up Eggs 

Since four meats are added to a full Irish breakfast, two of them are fried eggs with the sunny side up. The runny yolk is what makes it delish. These are usually seasoned with salt and black pepper. 

6.  Fried Bacon 

You can bake the bacon or fry it on a pan. 

7.  Black Pudding 

The Irish pudding in regards to breakfast relates more to sausages made from pig’s offal. There are black and white puddings that are eaten and both are savoury. This is highlighting distinction between English and Irish breakfast.