Traditional Breakfast Dishes In The Northeast States Of  India
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The northeastern states in India have a very rich cultural identity of their own. They have various cooking practices and dishes as per the availability and the flavour palette of the people. Cooking and eating food is an emotion among these people and they frequently use the naturally available ingredients around them to make their everyday dishes. Northeastern cuisine has slowly become popular in the rest of the country. But contrary to popular opinion, Northeastern cuisine is so much more than just your stereotypical idea of their food. Let's have a look at the famous breakfast options in the states that are popularly cooked in traditional households.

* Assam

Jol Paan is the traditional breakfast from Assam and is loved by all the native people of the state. This is made by mixing puffed rice, flattened rice and curd along with jaggery to give a sweet flavour. It is a very nutritious breakfast option and gives the desirable boost of energy early in the morning. Another famous breakfast option from Assam is Paani Pitha which is a crepe-like food made from wheat flour and onions. This is soft and also has crispy edges. This is generally eaten with homemade Chutney.

* Meghalaya 

People in Meghalaya like to start their day by eating a local pancake-like dish called Putharo. This is made with some jaggery, rice, flour, and coconut, and then baked in an earthen pot. This is served along with some black sesame seeds and a pork curry. It is a fulfilling breakfast option that is very popular among the people of the state. Another famous breakfast from the state of Meghalaya is Pukhlein. This is a sweet bread that is made from rice flour and jaggery.

* Arunachal Pradesh

The regional breakfast from Arunachal Pradesh that surpasses any other food option is Khura. This is a pancake that is made from buckwheat flour along with the famous butter tea that is made with the milk of yak. Traditionally, this food was made with buckwheat and Tibetan beer also known as Chaang made from water and salt and is then baked in a clay oven. It is a delicious breakfast option and very nutritious.

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* Tripura

People in Tripura like to eat a sweet variety of poha for their breakfast. Most of us have eaten salty poha filled with vegetables and peanuts but this is a lesser-known variety of poha that is sweet. It is cooked in the form of porridge along with yoghurt, mango and nuts. In Tripura, this dish is popularly known as Chire Doi Aam among the local people. This is a very soothing dish and is also quite popular in West Bengal. It can also be eaten as a sweet food and you can easily have it in a huge quantity because of its subtle flavour of sweetness. 

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* Sikkim

The most famous breakfast option from Sikkim is made of a meal that is cooked by using whole wheat bread which is also called Phale. These are eaten with the special kind of cheese that is made with the milk of cow and Aloo Dum. People in Sikkim like to start their day by eating a heavy meal to carry out all the tasks of the day. Some people also like to have a proper meal that consists of lentils, local vegetables, homemade pickles, and a good portion of rice. A meal like this is generally considered perfect for lunch but people in Sikkim like to have this early in the morning.

* Nagaland

People in Nagaland like to have black or red rice with meat curry or a simple curry with local fermented greens in the morning. This is a common breakfast among the people of Nagaland, and they also enjoy an interesting snack that is called Egg Shoap. This is a fried cutlet that is made from eggs, potatoes and a lot of other spices. All of this mixture is rolled into a cutlet and coated with some bread crumbs before frying it in the oil. You can choose to pan-fry it or even deep-fry it in smouldering oil. 

* Manipur

People in Manipur, typically like to have a flatbread called tan in the morning. This is usually enjoyed with a cup of strong black tea that is also called Changang in the local language. The flatbread Tan resembles Puri from the outer appearance. This is made with a mixture of rice flour, salt and water. It can also be served with a simple potato curry that is made specifically in mustard oil and is called Aloo Kangmet. 

These are some of the most famous breakfast options from the seven different states of Northeast India. There are a multitude of breakfast options from all of these respective states but we have tried our best to create a list of the most preferred breakfast options among the people of the states.