Tracing The Journey Of 'Bombay Sandwich'? What Makes It An Ideal Breakfast Recipe?
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It is said that the sandwich was the brainchild of John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was also a passionate gambler. Once, he famously asked his chef to fix him a meal that would not require him to leave his seat or waste time in holding cutlery, and thus his chef took two pieces of bread and placed layers of fillings in between. This was apparently how ‘Sandwich; was created, and eventually, in the coming years, it emerged as one of the most beloved snacks around the world. It has been adapted, reimagined, refashioned in various ways across the globe, and one such ‘desi’ spin to the English snack is that of the ‘Bombay’ Sandwich.

Mumbai has always been one of the pivotal ports of India, attracting traders and travellers from far abroad. Little known fact, Mumbai was actually a dowry gift from the Portuguese king to English king Charles II in 1661 AD. This also means that Mumbai has been a melting pot of cultures since time immemorial. While the Portuguese introduced Bombay to potatoes and cheese. The English brought their love for sandwiches and wraps. During the British rule, several English bistros and restaurants spurted in the major hubs of the city, marking the official entry of sandwiches in Mumbai. However, the Bombay Sandwich is said to have evolved much later. In the 1960’s, the city witnessed a boom in the migrant population. The growing textile industry of Mumbai demanded labours, and the labourers needed cheap and efficient meal options, and this is where the Bombay sandwiches came into play. Barely any effort went into making this easy, peasy and yummy sandwich. Slices of bread slathered with pudina chutney, butter were toasted with potatoes, tomatoes and onion for a wholesome ‘sandwich’. This is largely believed to be the origin story of the ‘Bombay Sandwich’. To date, the sandwich is one of the crown jewels of Mumbai’s street food fare.

The best part about the sandwich is the room it leaves to experiment. No tomatoes, no problem, you can eliminate or add any ingredient to your sandwich, it is a very accommodating sandwich, much like the city of Mumbai itself.  

Given that this sandwich is also one of the easiest things to make, it also works as an excellent breakfast option. Just keep the ingredients ready, put them in layers and grill to perfection.  

Here’s an excellent Bombay Sandwich recipe you must try out soon.