Top Ways To Serve Ice Cream With Simple Ingredients

Ice cream is more than just a dessert. It is a joy-giver, a grief-breaker and a means to celebrate anything big or small. With so many variants available in the market, the ice-cream niche is forever expanding. However, there could be that important day when you fail to get the favourite ice cream for your guests or loved ones. For such days, here are a few easy-peasy ice cream serving tricks that can do wonders. All you need is plain old vanilla ice cream and a few add-ons.

Chocolate Cookies And Sauce

When you have scoops of ice cream and the right ice cream serving platter, simply grind any variety of chocolate cookies and cover the scoop up. Add the usual chocolate sauce. You might also melt some normal bar chocolate and drizzle it over the cookie-topped ice-cream. You will never need cookies-and-cream ice-cream from the shop again.

Nolen Gur And Nuts

With winter still in full swing, it is the right time to make the most out of the nolen gur or golden liquid date jiggery. Use it akin to how you would use maple syrup on a pancake. Instead of the pancake, use ice cream as the base. Delightful and a totally offbeat taste stands guaranteed with this combination.

Some Gajar Halwa To Go

When you have some leftover carrot halwa in the fridge it goes without saying that, the vanilla ice cream is pairable with the former. A match made it heaven. Do not forget to keep the halwa slightly warm.

Rasgulla Delight

Warm up some rasgullas and sprinkle them with some chocolate sauce. Add honey to the mixture and top up with a double scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Fruits And Cake Crumble

When you have nothing but fruits in the fridge, slice them up with skill. Chop some dry fruits. Add small blobs of crumbled cake on ice-cream in a peg. Top up with the fruits. This is a comfort food recipe without a doubt.

An Ice Cream Note

With so many ways up your sleeve to rustle up an awesome looking ice cream dessert, you will never need to buy a fancy ice cream flavour or variation for a long, long time to come. Get creative and rummage your pantry and fridge to see what items you can pair well with ice cream. Sky is your only limit to the way you envision and present an ice cream dessert to your guests.