Top Valentine’s Week Desserts From Kolkata Bakeries You Must Tuck Into
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Valentine’s week has always been a big deal for the food and hospitality industry. Due to the pandemic though, the sector has gone through some rough patches in the past two years. That said, things are slowly beginning to look good again, and 2022 seems to be the year of hope and positivity. Perhaps, that is why there are so many new items across the menus at all leading eat-outs in the ‘City of Joy’. While the hullabaloo over V-Day and week is a craze limited mostly to the teenagers and young adults, even seasoned couples would probably acknowledge celebrating these days. And what better way to mark a special week or day than gooey indulgent desserts at top Kolkata bakeries? Let’s take a tour.

Bow Down To Brownie And Tart

For the couples who have grown in love and aged like fine wine, Valentine’s Day is about rustling up some biryani at home and finishing with classic brownie and tart from some old-school cake hub in the city.

Mesmerising Mousse

Tiramisu mousse is a rocker this season. A home baker friend of mine, who takes small orders, has been toiling to assemble those mousses just right. The toned-down taste and the mildness of the flavours combine well to let you express your love, without being too extravagant. 

Belgian Bash

The right Belgian chocolate says it all. Be it ‘Kiss Day’, ‘Hug Day’ or Valentine’s Day, Belgian cakes are an instant hit. Available across bakers in town in different avatars, Belgian chocolate cakes are delightful because of the stringy aftertaste and slight bitterness they leave behind.

Max Up Love With Macaroons

Macaroons are lovely options for both gifting or munching on through that cosy date night. A flurry of Kolkata bakers are handling bulk macaroon orders. From cream cheese to red velvet, the fillings are high on imagination and are satisfying too. Customised macaroon fillings are a big thing this Valentine season.

Mithai Cakes

The nolen gur rasgulla cake and rasmalai cake are both being favoured among married couples this year. At least, three couples I know have shared reviews of these of late. The rasgulla part of a wholesome cake is an idea best dealt with when cut through to be eaten. The nolen gur flavour is also loved for its subtle taste and strong aftertaste.

Nutty Nutella Wonders

One of everyone’s breakfast companions, Nutella, has now found its way into cakes too. Home bakers as well as leading chains are going crazy over Nutella-based desserts. The cupcakes injected with gooey Nutella are a hit with Valentine’s week revellers.

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