Top Desserts from Kolkata Bakeries For Valentine Week
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Chocolates, cookies, ice creams, cakes and waffles, Valentine’s Day celebration is unimaginable without some delightful desserts to titillate your sweet tooth. And if you are in the City of Sweets, Kolkata you are sure to be overwhelmed with the treasure trove of dessert options. Whether it is the sinful cakes and pastries or the mouth-watering sweets from Kolkata’s traditional sweet shops, the city is brimming with irresistible desserts especially prepared for Valentine’s Day this year.

Kolkata has had a long association with liberal traditions and therefore, V-Day has been an openly celebrated one. Most bakeries and sweet shops gear up for this day of love to ensure they introduce at least one special item dedicated to the day of love(rs).

Here is a list of must-haves in desserts from Kolkata bakeries that you cannot miss out on this week.

Heart to Hert Drip Cake and You Make me Melt Cakesicles from Little Pleasures

A beautiful cake of chocolate and strawberry decorated with little hearts and flowers, this beauty from Little Pleasures is a perfect way to extol your special love. For the little ones in your family, you can bring a smile on their faces with the candy cakesicles that melt in the mouth as soon as you take the first bite.

Raspberry Macaron from Cocoa Bakery

Drown in an ocean of raspberry cream as you munch on this delightful dessert from Cocoa Bakery. For the chocolate lovers, chocolate macarons are no less tempting.

Waffles from The Belgian Waffle Co.

In love with waffles? Lick the sweet cheese as it oozes out of the Strawberry cheesecake Waffle or get overloaded with loads of dark chocolate with the Chocolate Overload Dark Chocolate waffle- a perfect way to culminate your date.

Image credits: Pixabay

Death by Chocolate Sundae and Rainbow Cake from Mama Mia

A dip into succulent brownie and luscious ice cream make the Death by Chocolate Sundae from Mama Mia an all-time favourite for ice cream lovers. If you are in love with flavours other than chocolate, the Rainbow Cake can be a great choice this V Day.

Nolen Gurer Sandesh, Ice Cream Sandesh and More from Balaram Mallick

In Kolkata, Valentine’s Day cannot be complete without a dip into some Nolen gurer jalbhora or ice cream sandesh from Balaram Mallick. The nolen gur dripping out of the sandesh that melts into your mouth or the ice cream sandesh with a strawberry flavour are desserts that cannot be missed out on this Valentine’s week.

Summing Up

While there are options galore among sweets in Kolkata to indulge your sweet tooth in, the above desserts are ones that you should try at least once by going dessert hopping this Valentine’s Day.

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