Top 7 Tips For First-Time Home Bar Setters
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Setting up a home bar is a great idea for people who like organising social gatherings from time to time. It is an inexpensive way to enjoy a celebration to its fullest potential without having to go to high-end restaurants every time. A home bar is generally filled with different types of tools, mixtures, crockeries, and spirits. An amateur person might feel overwhelmed while arranging for all of these things at once.

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But all one needs is a little bit of planning and shopping for some staples. One doesn't have to hoard up all the possible requisites for a home bar and initially, only some selected bar items can work well. The collection can proliferate with time as one gets acquainted with the intricacies of the liquor world.

Here are some insightful tips for someone who is setting up a home bar for the first time.

* Selecting A Space

The primary step in creating a home bar is the selection of the opportune place for it. There has to be a proper designated area for the home bar that is dedicated to that purpose. An ideal space for a home bar should not be very far from the kitchen or the dining area. A placement like this would not make it difficult for guests to grab a drink and snack at the same time.

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* Storage For The Bar

There are a lot of necessary items that have to be arranged for a home bar. Since the home bar is curated by an amalgamation of different tools, drinks, mixtures and crockery, proper storage is a necessity. The storage has to be designed in such a way that all these things are within arm’s reach of the person who is making the drinks. A fancy storage or cabinet area is not mandatory to make a stylish bar.

One can simply do this with simple cabinets or built-in areas. If there is enough space to keep a small refrigerator, then one can always consider making this addition. It helps add that luxury factor to the bar and keeps the wine or beer chilled all the time.

* Selection Of Spirits

The presence of a good spirit is extremely important for making delicious cocktails. It is not important to buy the highest quality spirits. As per their budget, people can buy the highest quality of spirits that they can afford. Always remember that investing in good spirits is always beneficial in the long run. So one must never try to save money when it comes to investing in spirits. The best way to start investing in spirits is by first buying the staple ones. This includes gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and whiskey.

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* Crockery And Glassware 

The whole experience of drinking gets elevated if one uses the right crockery and glassware. Also, these glasses can be exquisitely decorated in glass cabinets in the home bar. The proper bar crockery enhances the overall look of the home bar. There is a certain type of crockery devoted to every spirit.

Initially, one can buy basic crockeries like rocks glass, wine glass, collins glass and coup glass. With time, one can start collecting more and more crockery specially dedicated to particular spirits. It is also important to have a profound knowledge of the proper usage of bar crockery.

* Tools

To make delectable cocktails at home, one must also have specific tools that can make flavourful concoctions from spirits and different condiments. Some basic tools that are needed for making the right type of libations are a pitcher, strainer, shaker, small measuring cups, bar spoons, and ice buckets. All of these tools must be sorted properly during the party so that guests can use them at their convenience. It is almost impossible to make cocktails without the aid of these tools so getting them is mandatory for curating a home bar.

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* Mixers

To make cocktails, one doesn't just need tools and spirits but also flavourful mixtures. These delicious mixers can instantly change the way a certain drink or spirit is tested. Initially, one can start stocking up on simple and basic mixtures such as orange juice, sparkle water, club soda, cool drinks, tonic water, and vermouth. The assortment of all these non-alcoholic beverages is important to making delicious cocktails at home. 

* Garnishing Ingredients

Stocking up on some delicious garnishing ingredients is just like the cherry on the cake. It is the last but not the least step in creating a home bar. Some staple garnishing ingredients, like olives, lime wedges, rosemary, mint, and cherries, must be arranged. All of these garnishing ingredients add the finishing touch to cocktails and make everything proper. These ingredients also add a lot of personality to the bar as well.